11 Skirt Outfits to Wear and How to Style Them

Legs, be free!

Woman with long black hair and sunglasses wearing a white long pleated skirt paired with a white top and sneakers
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If you are ready to give your jeans or pants a rest, skirt outfits are easy, comfortable, and surprisingly versatile, regardless of the weather. Short skirts are more enjoyable to wear in the summer, however, leggings or tights can help ease the transition when the weather starts to cool down. Longer skirts can be worn year-round and paired with either boots or sandals. The argument over whether or not skinny jeans are in style will be somewhat pointless because, why wear pants when you can wear skirts?

As far as silhouettes and materials go, the head stylist of Tobi, Joanna Angeles, tells InStyle she'll be gravitating towards pleated styles, A-line minis with slits, and satin jacquards. She also forecasts that preppy looks, romantic date night fits, anything 90s-inspired, and some Y2K influence are in our future.

"Embrace the preppy trend and build around a brightly-colored pleated skirt by pairing with a sweater vest and button-up. Or, pair a satin jacquard mini skirt with a romantic bustier or corset top for date night," Angeles says. And, to make throwback trends feel modern, "pair an A-line slit skirt with sneakers and a vintage sweatshirt or crop-top."

We've rounded up some of the best skirt outfit ideas floating around Instagram to inspire your look.

With a Graphic Tee

Skirts can give off a formal vibe, but adding a graphic tee automatically creates a laid-back aesthetic. Tuck it in and pull on a blazer for business casual occasions, or knot it and complete the look with a pair of chunky combat boots. And, don't be afraid to mix graphics tops with patterned bottoms.

With a Blazer

A blazer is one of those items that never goes out of style, and 2021 is certainly not going to be the year that changes. You can go classic by pairing one with a pencil skirt, or mix it up with a flowing mini or maxi, adding a tailored contrast up top. If the oversized look isn't your forte, accessorize with a belt to accentuate your waist since, rumor has it, the belted look never goes out of style.

Monochromatic Black

All-black ensembles are still appropriate in the warmer months, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Grab your favorite knee-high boots while it's still chilly, keep your go-to flats and flops on standby for the upcoming season, and get moody with monochromatic pieces.

Mixing and Matching

In case you need a friendly reminder, there are no rules in fashion, which means "matching" is a style, not a necessity. So, wear the plaid skirt with a tie-dye top and mix polka dots with stripes. Color coordinate if you'd like, but know it's not mandatory.

With a Button Down

An easy way to add structure to free-flowing maxi skirt outfits is with a crisp button-down top. Tuck it into the high-waisted bottom, knot it, or add a belt for some definition and to accentuate your waistline.

With Socks

Skirts and socks, or even tights go together like avocado and sourdough. From preppy to sexy, sophisticated to punk, and every style in between — whatever vibe you're going for, there's a pair of socks to match it.

In True '90s Fashion

It doesn't get more '90s than a printed mini skirt and a halter neck or polo shirt, so break out all the gingham and daisy prints and dare to get a little nostalgic this spring. Don't forget to add in knee-high boots or chunky Mary Janes, and if the temperature is a bit chilly, a chunky cardigan will be your best friend.

With a Sweater

Speaking of cardigans, on a chilly spring day or cool summer night, it's worth it to wear a sweater or sweatshirt as a top, or at the very least, keep one handy. This way, you won't have to sacrifice style for warmth.

As a Matching Set

Although you don't ever have to match your top and bottom if synchronism isn't your style, monochromatic sets are hot right now. They are effortless and flattering.

Make It Leather

If you don't currently have a leather skirt in your capsule wardrobe, we highly suggest investing in one for the upcoming seasons and beyond. It's one of those pieces you can throw on with virtually anything, from a simple white T-shirt to a frilly blouse, and always look put-together.

As a Statement Piece

If, when you think about statement pieces, you think of jewelry or a frilly blouse, it's time to reconsider. Your bottoms can pose as statement pieces, too, and there are plenty of skirts that get the job done by way of color, cut, and details.

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