By Lashauna Williams
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
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When two fashion influencers get together to create a clothing collection, you have a syling collaboration. When Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason get together to create a clothing collection, you have magic!

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Gregg and Mason put a lot of daily thought into fashion, as each runs a super successful blog. (Gregg runs Gabi Fresh, and Mason runs Nicolette Mason.) So it was inevitable that the two—who are longtime friends—would put their heads together to figure out what's missing from their closets as curvy women.

"I've been looking for high-waisted, wide-leg trousers that fit great forever, and couldn't seem to find the perfect pair", says Gregg. "We wanted to create [this and other] pieces that were missing in the market for us." And so Premme was born.

This smartly edited capsule collection is definitely suited to fashion lovers. "We set out to make a fashion line, not a plus line." says Mason. "This collection is a combination of what Gabi and I both like to wear and what we feel is trending at the moment."

Expect to find those high-waisted pants Gregg says was missing, along with a cheeky denim jacket, cropped tops, a two-in-one dress, and the perfect mix-and-match separates.

"We were involved in every step of creating this collection. We wanted the fit to be right, and the fabrics to drape beautifully," says Mason. Adds Gregg: "We even thought about details like the type of buttons and the hang tags!"

Their hard work pays off—just wait till you see the craftsmanship in the new line. The 15-piece collection ia available today at, and runs from sizes 12-30. Scroll down to view our favorites from the stellar collection.

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Shop It: top and pants.

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