Shop the Most Eye-Catching Finds from River Island for Under $250—Total

In this feature, InStyle Market Editor Mia Solkin combs through our favorite fashion sites and picks out the best pieces to shop for. The best part? Everything clocks in at $250 or less—total! Read on to score Solkin's finds from one of our top sites: River Island.

Shop the Store - River Island
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Beige knitted zip back sweater ($72; When the air conditioning is blasting, summer still calls for a few warmer layers. This color combo is super cool.

Orange lace A-line skirt ($70; The longer length lace hem on this skirt is very flattering.

Mixed delicate rings pack ($20; I love the look of stacking mixed rings, and this little set gives you lots of options.

Black lace detail slip dress ($76; Invest in a slip dress this season, no matter what you do!

Combined total cost: $238

Check back next week for Mia's latest affordable fashion finds.

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