So Many Shades of Pink Are Trending Right Now

Whether you're loving that Valentino collection or gravitating toward something lighter, you can't deny this is fashion's favorite color for 2022.

Back in January, Pantone declared periwinkle as this year's reigning shade. But 2022 had other plans.

We're more than halfway through the year and it's safe to say that fashion has been serving up a lot of bold, vibrant colors. Among them are purple (in every shade), orange (with a focus on pumpkin spice and tangerine-inspired hues), and tomato soup red. But no color has been more captivating than pink, which is coming in hot this season and beyond (and yes, we do mean that literally).

Fashion Is Seeing Shades Of Pink Right Now
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The trend can be traced back to Valentino's fall/winter 2022 runway show in Paris, during which the designer presented a collection of couture clad in hot pink. Models strutted down the catwalk in the highlighter-esque hue, and even Zendaya wore head-to-toe neon pink, rocking a plunging V-neck blouse underneath a double-breasted blazer with matching trousers, both embroidered with floral appliqués. Shortly after, Warner Brothers released the first look at its upcoming live-action Barbie movie, which featured Margot Robbie beaming behind the wheel of a bright pink convertible.

Now, pink is in, and everywhere, in multiple different shades.

Shades of Pink
Zendaya. Getty Images

Celebrities, especially, can't get enough of the eye-catching color: Vanessa Hudgens wore a matching bubble gum pink set on vacation in Rome, while Hailey Bieber's recent interpretation of business casual featured a hot-pink micro-mini dress under an oversized charcoal blazer. Dua Lipa also donned the shock-factor shade on her Future Nostalgia Tour, while Kim Kardashian channeled the Barbiecore aesthetic in a cropped Balenciaga zip-up hoodie, high-waisted nylon stiletto boot pants, and bedazzled accessories.

All this to say, if you thought millennial pink was a vibe, these striking and subtle alternatives are a full-blown movement. Ahead, we're calling out the shades of pink that continue to pop up on the red carpet and beyond. If our instincts are correct, they'll continue making headlines for months to come, so let this list serve as inspiration for your own color story.

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Valentino Pink

Shades of Pink
Maya Rudolph. Getty Images

Valentino Pink is now its own Pantone color — and, clearly, a large number of celebrities are big fans.

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Barbie Pink

Shades of Pink
Balmain x Barbie Capsule Collection. Getty Image

Pantone® 219 C is Barbie's specific shade of pink. The color continues to be a hit, serving as inspiration for many designers — and cool fashion collaborations.

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Bubblegum Pink

Shades of Pink
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Although a little lighter than the last two, Bubblegum Pink still manages to make a bold statement.

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Poppy Pink

Shades of Pink
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This shade includes a hint of orange, which tones it down and makes it feels subtle.

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Hot Pink

Shades of Pink
Viola Davis. Getty Images

Of course, Valentino isn't the only brand loving bright pink. Many others, including Safiyaa (pictured here), are into this electric shade, although their pieces may be labeled as hot pink or fuchsia.

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Berry Pink

Shades of Pink
Maude Apatow. Getty Images

Not only is this version of pink a great one to incorporate into your wardrobe, it's a flattering shade we see in a variety of makeup categories, including blush and lipstick.

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Baby Pink

Shades of Pink
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Super light, super subtle, but classic and always breathtaking.

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Shades of Pink
Nicola Coughlan. Getty Images

This sweet shade is essentially the happy medium — not too dark yet not too light. That makes it easy to mix with a bunch of different colors, from bright green to black (as demonstrated by Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan).

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