I'm Over 30, But I'm Regressing Back to My Sexy, Early-20s Style For #ShotGirlSummer

Bring on the strappy designs, crop tops, and heels, because I'm so sick of loungewear.

Sexy Summer
Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Before the pandemic, I definitely qualified as the queen of comfortable, cozy style. My wardrobe already included tons of stretchy waistbands, sweatshirts, and slip-on shoes, and I fully feared being stuck somewhere, wearing an outfit that needed to be readjusted throughout the night or included complicated elements like straps and buttons. I was the extra-layer person, the one who packed emergency flats. My style wasn't boring (I am a fashion editor), but it leaned toward the safe side, and I was okay with that.

And then, I, like so many others, spent over a year sitting around in loungewear. Pajamas were't just pajamas. They were my daytime outfits, my nighttime outfits, what I'd wear to run errands or slip into to celebrate holidays.

Without really having a reason to step out in pair of latex pants or a body-hugging mini dress, I started to crave an aesthetic that was drastically sexier than the one I'd grown used to. I admittedly missed impractical fashion — the kind I loved as a 21-year-old, back when I wouldn't think twice about wearing a super padded push-up bra or trekking through the snow in dangerously high heels. I never thought I'd say this, but I've become extremely tired of feeling so...comfortable.

Sure, I'm in my 30s now and so not 21 anymore (as evidenced by the massive hangover I get after about two drinks), but I'm planning to embrace somewhat ridiculous, sexy fashion in the months ahead. Both doses of Pfizer are now running through my body, and as I reconnect with friends and loved ones, safely celebrating what the youths are calling #ShotGirlSummer, I have an urge to invest in crop tops, cutouts, pully tops, and the like. Will I be DIYing a shirt out of a scarf, like I'm seeing all over TikTok? 100%. Will I embrace butt-fashion and do the whole peek-a-boo thong thing? Ehh....probably not. But, I'll definitely try on a pair of cutout pants.

To be honest, my urge to dress sexier doesn't just have to do with things feeling a bit more normal here in America. It may also have something to do with age. On top of realizing that trends truly have no age limit (anyone can wear whatever they want to wear!), I've also become more comfortable with myself and my body. For instance, I spent way too many summers stressing over what I looked like in a bathing suit, and for most of my 20s, would only wear high-waisted options or one-pieces. While gearing up for the warmer weather this year, I finally decided it was time to buy regular, cheeky briefs. Life's too short, and they're too cute to pass up.

Of course, going this new, sexier route probably won't be an everyday thing. I'm still pretty fond of plissé pants and oversized trousers that allow for lots of movement, but now, I might dare myself to pair them with a bralette instead of a plain old T-shirt. I'm also admittedly looking forward to the day when I can't wait to rush home and feel thrilled to just change into sweats. When I'm ready to bring comfy back — then I'll know normalcy has really returned.

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