Where did Lucy get this dreamy, chunky knit?!
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MADE A SCENE: Sandra Bullock’s Gray Sweater From ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Is Actually the Best Part of That Movie
Credit: Alamy/Getty Images

I'm not usually someone who watches the same movies on repeat, but the holiday season happens to be an exception. Each and every year, I end up snuggled on the couch revisiting some old favorites, from Elf to Love, Actually. And, each and every year, I feel extremely envious of Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping, as she walks around wearing my ideal gray sweater.

Although this particular film might qualify more as a seasonless rom-com than a true holiday watch — Lucy (Bullock) gets mistaken for being the fiancé of a man in a coma, then falls in love with his family and, ultimately, his brother — it does take place around Christmas and New Year's Eve, thus making its way onto my must-watch list. Perks of a 100th viewing include a young Peter Gallagher sighting, an urge to Google Bill Pullman's son (they are twins, I swear), and the surprising thrill I still get from this chaotic, '90s love story. However, it's that same chunky knit that Lucy wears in the second scene stays on my mind for weeks afterward. It's so oversized and comfy-looking, and clearly meant to be warm enough for Chicago's harsh winters. Lucy chooses to wear it with jeans, but I can still imagine all the ways she'd style it today: with a pair of gray lounge pants, or a long pleated skirt, or sleek, structured slacks.

It's honestly so freakin' cute, and so freakin' versatile.

My latest re-watch of While You Were Sleeping also made me realize that this was not a one-off, cool sweater situation. Lucy actually owns a handful of sweaters that my quarantine-self wishes she could find, including a big, steel blue sweatshirt that she throws on post-hospital visit.

Where did she buy these? Do similar options exist today? My only holiday wish is to recreate her outfit toward the end of the movie, complete with a thick, cozy pair of socks.

The good news is, I've already been on that shopping spiral (many times), and aside from scoping out vintage finds, plenty of similar styles exist today. The original gray sweater look (my favorite!) can be recreated with Everlane (Shop It: $95; everlane.com) and Anine Bing (Shop It: $299; aninebing.com) picks, and I've spotted a steel blue-ish sweatshirt at Aerie (Shop It: $50; ae.com) that's made for lounging around. As for that dreamy cable-knit Lucy throws on to take down her tree? Express sells one that looks just like it (Shop It: $98; express.com), which will surely get some good use from now until spring.

In case you, too, are looking to revisit this joyful classic, it's available to stream via Disney+. Fair warning, though: on top of convincing me to add to my winter wardrobe, I'm also currently debating Sandra Bullock's bangs.