A Tribute to Sandra Bullock's Coziest Movie Sweaters

Does she have a cozy-wardrobe clause on all of her contracts, or what?

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Sandra Bullock Has Perfected Cozy Sweater Acting
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Move over, Meg Ryan Fall — we may have just found a worthy alternative to your sleek beige trousers and tailored blazers. Instead of embracing the structured stuff this season, those who associate colder weather with cozy-cute fashion might want to gather inspiration from another on-screen icon: Sandra Bullock, aka the queen of comfortable sweaters. Sandra Bullock Winter? Sure, why not.

Revisiting the actress' most iconic roles, such as Sally Owens in Practical Magic and Lucy from While You Were Sleeping, we realized that many of of her characters enjoy a good knit. They'll wrap themselves in chunky cream layers while casting spells, or slip on semi-long cardigans for a walk in the woods. When the temperature takes a dip, they react in a smart, relatable way, digging out chunky options to pair with loungewear and messy hair, or finding something dark and form-fitting to balance out baggy '90s jeans.

We often think about Bullock's sweaters long after the credits roll, so as we fire up our streaming devices and peruse the star's long list of seasonal rom-coms, it's time to highlight a few of our favorites.

Sally Owens' Sweater in Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock Has Perfected Cozy Sweater Acting
Getty Images

Here's a sweater that can be layered over a long-sleeved shirt for fall activities, or paired with a tee while chilling around the house (minus the panic of trying to revive the deceased). Since it's so oversized, it essentially doubles as a blanket, which is one of our favorite qualities when it comes to fall and winter clothes.

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Kate Forster's Sweater in The Lake House

Sandra Bullock Has Perfected Cozy Sweater Acting

Here's a design that will make you want to fold your arms and stare off into the distance as you contemplate life. The cable knit detail gives it a throwback spin, and the key to creating a Bullock-approved look is find an option with stretchy sleeves, which you can pull over you hands for extra warmth.

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Gwen Cummings Sweater in 28 Days

Sandra Bullock Has Perfected Cozy Sweater Acting
Getty Images

The long black cardigan is a Y2K staple. Even just thinking about this design makes us want to break out our favorite straight-legged jeans and square-toed boots, reviving a celeb-approved look from that era.

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Lucy's Sweater in While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock Has Perfected Cozy Sweater Acting
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It can be argued that Bullock's best sweaters happen in this film. On top of the gray mocknecks Lucy wears around her apartment, she also owns a fuzzy mohair cropped cardigan, which would no doubt amp up even the most basic of bottoms and work as a statement piece. Looking at this scene, though, we're not mad at Peter Gallagher's robe as a winter look, either.

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