Sadie Sink Just Shared the Most Genius Tip for Winterizing Your Whole Wardrobe

"It's a good way to keep your summer clothes in rotation," she told InStyle at Kate Spade's summer 2022 event.

Sadie Sink
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If you see us stocking up on turtlenecks this season, blame Sadie Sink. Not only did the actress look spectacular in a sleek black option (paired with a bright red lip!) while starring in Taylor Swift's All Too Well: The Short Film, she's also inspired us to layer one under a button-down after we saw her in that pair-up at Kate Spade's summer 2022 event in NYC.

"I'm trying to do a fusion of autumn, winter, and summer," she told InStyle about the warm yet fashion-forward look, which featured printed puff sleeves and was styled by Molly Dickson. In general, though, Sink recommends adding a turtleneck to any warm weather top, which she says might make it work for another season or two.

"Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't," she admits. "But it's a good way to keep your summer clothes in rotation."

Perhaps part of the reason we can't help but associate Sink with wardrobe staples — turtlenecks included — is because the Stranger Things actress tends to pick favorites while getting dressed. Like many people, she says she's been guilty of reaching for the same pieces over and over again.

"Recently, I've just been kind of rotating the three sweaters, two different pairs of jeans, and the same shoes," she tells us. "I'll go through like phases with my clothes, where I just find one thing that I really like and wear it every single day. I own so many shoes, but I'll get emotionally attached to one pair."

Of course, that last statement applies to Kate Spade's colorful, whimsical designs, too.

"Especially the bags," Sink emphasizes. "Once you find your bag, it's like it's locked in for like the next month."

Sadie Sink
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Although Sink has been partnering with Kate Spade for years at this point, the 19-year-old tells InStyle that she's actually loved the unique designs since childhood.

"In general, it's just so fun and it's feminine, and I'm always excited to see what they come up with."

She adds that that right now, she's actually in an experimental phase, working to pinpoint a more adult style. Being able to wear Kate Spade and play around with fashion has definitely helped with the process.

"As with anyone, when you get older, your style starts to change," Sink tells us. "I've always been very open to trying new things, but as I'm getting older, I'm even more down to just try whatever."

Sadie Sink
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Still, unlike many people her age, Sink hasn't been gathering outfit inspiration from TikTok. While she does use the app ("But I don't even know what the username is," she says with a laugh. "I don't even know how to make a video on it"), her For You page mostly consists of food.

"I think everything is, like, baking videos, because I've decided I'm going to try and bake every single day of December. That's where I go for my baking inspiration."

It's nice to hear that Sink is taking some time for herself, especially because the actress openly shares she rarely takes real vacations. Despite spending a chunk of 2021 promoting Netflix's The Fear Street Trilogy, along with the anticipation of being booked and busy when Stranger Things' season four drops next year, there's no big 2022 trip on her schedule (although, if you ask us, Kate Spade's summer designs would be pretty perfect for a beach getaway).

"I've decided I'm not a person who takes vacations," says Sink. "I've planned them before and everything. Something always pops up and it never works out for me. I just need to actually commit to it and try to get away. We'll see."

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