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By Alexis Bennett
Updated Mar 28, 2019 @ 12:30 pm
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It's time to get out of your Forever 21 and H&M-shaped bubble, because there's a new, trendy retailer in town: superdown.

The Gen Z-focused brand has attention-grabbing attitude right down to its name, which is purposely spelled in all lowercase letters. The founders, Michael Mente Mike Karanikolas of shopping destination Revolve, took their time and made sure every element was just right for the younger generation.

"We strategically tested this through the launch of superdown as an in-house brand on Revolve and received a strong response," Michael Mente, co-founder and co-CEO, exclusively tells "From here, it made sense to build superdown out into its own destination catering specifically to this demographic."

That demographic includes Gen Zers who love staying on top of what's trending and who's wearing what. "She’s socially active, down for her girls, down for a night out," Mente explains. "Her go-to style is a mix of celeb-muse inspired occasionwear with streetwear-inspired staples. "


Right now, the superdown website sells an in-house collection of affordable clothes and shoes (prices start at $29 and max out at $110), and — like its big sister Revolve — superdown also carries a few coveted brands that are taking over Instagram (8 Other Reasons, Amuse Society, and Vanessa Mooney, to name a few).


Speaking of Instagram, superdown is preparing collabs with the biggest style stars on the 'gram. "We will continue to inspire our fans and customers by partnering with influencers and talent who organically live and breathe the Revolve or superdown brands," Mente adds. "Influencer marketing will continue to be an important part of our overall business model, and we’re excited to build upon the existing strategy by partnering with a new group of stylish, sexy, and bold influencers who are changing the game."