17 Unforgettable Rachel Green Outfits You Could (and Should) Still Wear Today

From plaid skirts to slip dresses, we're ready to copy it all.

Rachel Green Outfits
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Friends' final episode aired in 2004, but all these years later, the TV show's late '90s and early '00s looks are still completely wearable. Take Rachel Green's outfits, for instance: yes, the lovable character made her way into our hearts through witty humor and a charming personality, but it was her collection of suits from Bloomingdales, floral slip dresses, and denim staples that made her closet a fashion lover's dream.

Perhaps part of the reason we're still eyeing Rachel's outfits is due to the resurgence of Y2K style. We're constantly looking for ways to wear long socks, baby tees, platform flip flops, and plaid skirts — pieces that have managed to make their way back into our wardrobes, but have always been mainstays in Rachel's collection. Binge-watching this comfort show has proven to be a great source of fashion inspiration. We'd copy the character's looks head-to-toe if we could.

As proof Rachel Green's outfits still hold up, we're rounding up 15 of her best, all of which would still work today — and tomorrow, too.

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A White Top and Plaid Skirt

Rachel Green Outfits

One of Rachel Green's most memorable outfits? Her white top and plaid skirt combo, which was styled with knee-high socks and chunky black shoes. This one contains multiple current trends — including light academia and pleated mini skirts — so it's perfectly fine to recreate the look from top to bottom (although don't be surprised if people spot the reference).

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The Addition of a Blazer

Rachel Green Outfits

Should your outfit be missing a little something, shrug on an oversized blazer in a contrasting color. It'll give basic pairings a much-needed pop, or help to dress up an old pair of jeans.

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Overalls and a T-shirt

Rachel Green Outfits

Overalls have a reputation of being juvenile, but the truth is this one-and-done piece can be as dressy or as casual as you'd like. The key is how you style it, so if you're looking for something easy and chill, follow Rachel's lead by wearing a blue denim pair with a vibrant tee, then complete the look with sneakers.

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A Monochromatic Theme

Rachel Green Outfits

Keep things elevated and uniform by sticking with a single color. Rachel's monochromatic outfits were among some of her best, but your own interpretation doesn't have to consist of a skirt suit. Style your white cardigan with white jeans, or pile on every shade of green. The pieces don't have to match perfectly — oftentimes, it looks cooler if they don't!

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A Pastel Dress

Rachel Green Outfits

If you're hoping to leave neutrals behind and embrace more color, invest in a few pastel pieces. A mint green dress, like Rachel's sleeveless option, is statement-making but in in a subtle way. Plus, paired with a coordinating cardigan, this look works for both daytime activities and a romantic date night.

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Transitional Layering

Rachel Green 3
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For a not-too-hot, not-too-cold day, try Rachel's transitional outfit idea. Reach for a pair of shorts — or short overalls! — and style them with a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket. Footwear is up to you, but you can't really go wrong with simple white sneakers (or even Dr. Martens boots).

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A Baby Tee and Loose Pants

Rachel Green-1
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In recent years, sweatpants have become an essential part of our wardrobes. Make your own go-to pair feel less like loungewear by adding a cropped graphic T-shirt and platform flip flops. Not only would Rachel approve, but Gen Z will, too.

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Oversized Trousers

Rachel Green Outfits

In a shocking turn of events, trousers have proven to be just as versatile as a pair of jeans. A slightly-baggy, high-waisted option styled with a solid top is a low-effort, off-duty combo that still feels sleek.

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Classic Workwear

Rachel Green Outfits

Rachel's closet seemed to hold unlimited office outfits, but button-downs and black skirts are two pieces that can easily go from day to night — especially if you undo a few buttons and pair them with knee-high boots.

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Plaid Pieces

Rachel Green 5

We love plaid clothing (skirts, pants, dresses, etc.) but if you'd rather avoid the preppy vibe, style those pieces with bolder colors or skin-baring designs. Rachel did both with this bright green tank top.

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A Printed Slip Dress

Rachel Green 4
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A slip dress is as versatile as an LBD; it's easy to style, comfortable, sexy, and practical. Rachel's patterned version is the perfect piece to wear solo with sandals, or layered over a long-sleeved top with boots.

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Gingham Print

Rachel Green 2
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Gingham print is a classic that doesn't feel dated or boring. It's a must-have for the summer months, whether it's featured on a pair of shorts or a mini dress, but if you're looking to wear it year-round, invest in a collared gingham shirt or cropped pair of pants. They'll add spice to solid staples, but can also be mixed with other prints, like polka-dots or leopard.

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Cargo Pants

Rachel Green Outfits
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If jeans feel too restricting but sweats seem too lax, the happy, Rachel-approved medium is olive green cargo pants. Style them with a printed, short-sleeved button-down for a vacation-ready outfit you can truly kick back and relax in.

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A Pair of Track Pants

Rachel Green Outfits
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While track pants and sweatshirts go together like peanut butter and jelly, it's time to switch things up. Make those bottoms feel elevated — and a bit more fashion-forward — with the help of a knit top or a shest, aka a vest with nothing underneath.

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A Denim Skirt

Rachel Green Outfits
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Celebrities have welcomed denim skirts back into their rotations, and while Rachel's thigh-slit pick is undeniably fun, you don't have to settle for this specific style. Frayed mini designs and maxi skirts are great alternatives, too, and can be worn just like your favorite pair of jeans.

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Boot-Cut Pants and Platform Slides

Rachel Green Outfits
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We've already traded our skinny jeans for roomier pairs of pants, so why not fully lean into the '00s aesthetic? A pair of platform slides will transition these bottoms into the warmer months, while a duster sweater is the cozy-cool statement piece that complements Rachel's Y2K look.

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A Sexy Cardigan

Rachel Green Outfits
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Although Rachel wore this sweater over a T-shirt, she pulled the single-button styling trick that top models can't seem to quit. For a sexier take on this look, skip the bottom layer or go with a bralette instead.

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