Potato Brown Is the Flattering Color Trend That's Suddenly Everywhere

It's time to welcome this shade into your wardrobe.

Potato Brown Is the Flattering Color Trend That's Suddenly Everywhere
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It's not often that we spot a fashion trend that's easy to follow, flatters every person on the planet, and will likely remain in our wardrobe for years to come. So, on the rare occasion that exact combination pops up on our radar, we feel the need to point it out and provide plenty of ideas for how to nail the look.

For 2021, a time when comfort continues to be a top priority, we're focusing more on specific shades that we can quickly work into our everyday wardrobe — and potato brown definitely reigns supreme. While this medium brown color reminds us of one of our favorite comfort foods, a baked potato, it's also extremely versatile. Since it's a neutral, it can be styled with everything from bright neons to in-your-face prints, and looks super sleek when styled monochromatically, with items in the same color family.

Of course, we're more than willing to provide some proof that this calming color is one worth investing in (it might already be hiding in your closet). Take a look at 10 potato brown outfits we're loving, ahead.

Try a Potato Brown Sweatshirt

A small yet sweet switch while still nailing the schoolcore trend.

Break Out Potato Brown Slacks

Whether you style them with a solid blazer at the office or dress them down with an oversized tee or cutout top, 'work pants' in this warm shade will likely become a staple in your wardrobe.

Keep the Classics in Mind

You don't need to go all out investing in elaborate designs. Potato brown midi skirts and sweaters are the not-so-basics that will last you for years to come, even as trends change.

Start Off Super Simple

Brown boots or flats have the possibility of becoming your go-to shoe, no matter what other colors your outfit contains.

Stick with a Neutral Scheme

Create an easy yet eye-catching combination by styling a potato brown top with black pants. It's one that will work for multiple occasions.

Mix Different Shades of Brown

When you're stumped for what to wear, this seasonless scheme will come to the rescue.

Add Something Bright

If you're tired of muted shades, work in pops of a complementary color, such as a neon green or bubblegum pink, which will add a dose of flair to your ensemble.

Make a Match

Sweatsuits and matching sets are still going strong, and potato brown has the ability to make comfy looks feel elevated and less juvenile.

Go the Accessories Route

Scarves, hats, belts — these medium brown accessories will help to tone down brights and loud prints, providing a bit of balance.

Don't Forget Potato Brown Outerwear

Need a jacket that can be layered over everything, from sequins to leggings? A simple, long leather duster in this color will quickly solve this fashion dilemma.

Incorporate Prints

Give your ensemble a slight boost by working in some animal or nature-inspired prints, which often come in this warm color.

Think Preppy

Red, green, and other vibrant plaids can be tricky to style, but this neutral iteration is considered a classic, and comes across as sharp and sophisticated when styled with button-downs and sweaters of any color.

Dress It Up

Thankfully, plenty of pleated and frilly designs come in potato brown, but since it's such a simple color, you can quickly take those staples up a notch by layering on items with satin, lace, or embellished details.

Stay Casual

Celebrities have begun embracing colorful leggings in their everyday lives, and whether you're headed on a hike or just working from home, a potato brown pair is a great way to ease into this trend.

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