Time to get those legs out. 

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Plus Shorts
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If you’re plus-size, you might be under the impression that shorts just aren’t for you. This isn’t because you don’t look great in them (you do), or because there aren’t cute options available in your size (there are), but because of the myth that women over a certain size “shouldn’t” wear certain types of clothing.

Before we get to anything else, let’s be clear: this idea is BS.

There is nothing worse than being hot in the summer and choosing not to wear shorts because you’re afraid of how they’ll look or what people will think – or worse, because you don’t know where to go buy them in your size. Whether you know it yet or not, there are a lot of plus-size shorts out there that will look great on a variety of body types this summer. And you definitely deserve to wear them.

It’s also worth thinking about what comes to your mind when you think of shorts, or plus-size shorts specifically. Are you imagining cargo shorts? Your Bermuda shorts from the ‘90s? Super low-cut denim shorts? If so, you should know that there are far, far more options than this in shorts above a size 12 — and they’re all way cuter. Whether you are interested in classic denim or a more upgraded short with some length, here are a handful of places to look to find your perfect pair.

Denim Shorts

Plus Size Shorts
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Denim plus-size shorts are pretty much the ultimate summer wardrobe staple. They’re versatile, comfortable, and (if they’re a good pair) last a really, really long time. Denim shorts are also one of the only items that feel more comfortable over time, making vintage or thrifted pairs popular with a lot of people. However, if you’re plus-size you know that vintage is not exactly your friend more often than not. Some tips? If you’re dying for pair of vintage denim shorts, don’t be afraid to look at or try on men’s denim that can be cut down into shorts. You might be surprised with what you find. And if you’re not into going the vintage route, there are a ton of affordable options out there as well.

Bermuda Shorts

Plus Size Shorts
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Believe it or not, Bermuda shorts are back in. It may go against every fiber of your being to go for a trend that you mainly associate with tennis and/or your parents, but Bermuda shorts are actually pretty great. If you suffer from chafing (we’ve all been there), Bermuda shorts are even better. They have enough length to cover the inside of your thighs while still being cool. Plus, you can opt for a denim style or a lighter fabric like cotton for a bit of a breezier feel.

Patterned Shorts

Have you ever thought of a pair of shorts as a statement piece? Maybe not, but a good pair of patterned shorts is an easy way to dress up a T-shirt or tank top without having to put much effort into a look. If you’re new to shorts, you may not want to fill your closet up with patterned shorts just yet (it’s a lot to get used to), but it’s absolutely worth investing in a pair or two for the summer months and vacations.

High-Waisted Shorts

Plus Size Shorts
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You can find most types of shorts (denim, patterned, khaki, etc.) in a high-waisted variety, and the style is definitely worth trying, especially if you have wider hips or thighs and a smaller waist and have trouble finding low-rise options that fit comfortably. A lot of breezier, cotton high-waisted shorts also come with adjustable waist ties or bands that make fit a much easier process than when it comes to stiff khaki or denim shorts. Long story short, there’s a lot to love when it comes to high-waisted shorts, no matter what you personal style.