I'm Not Pregnant But My Favorite White Tee is from a Maternity Shop

Favorite T-Shirt 
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Next to this Vetements shirt I found on sale being available in my size, my sister having my niece Helaina last year was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. There’s something about being an aunt: you get all the fun of having a baby and only minimal amounts of responsibility.

When my sister was pregnant, I was down to do anything and everything from her, including making sure she didn’t look ridiculous in maternity wear. Together, we wrangled some amazing pieces: Oversized Marni dresses, fantastic leggings, a great pair of J Brand maternity jeans that basically ever celebrity swears by. But we did most of our shopping at Hatch Collection, which I learned about through friends, and positions itself as the maternity line you can wear even after you give birth.

Yeah, right. Like she’s gonna wanna wear this stuff after.

A romper, three dresses, a blazer, and four t-shirts later, we were Hatch-obsessed, and when Helaina was born (almost exactly one year ago), my sister returned to wearing her pre-pregnancy frocks. Me? I found myself rummaging through her closet drawers for her Hatch pieces, specifically the t-shirt.

No, I’m not pregnant and no I’m not planning. But to me, the perfect t-shirt requires (1) the right fit (2) the right length and (3) the right opacity. These three things are hard to come by all in one shirt. And to date, Hatch Collection is the sole brand that’s been able to get it just right. And not only have they gotten it just right, but the shirt comes in a variety of styles, all of which are delightfully fitted, for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.

Think I’m kidding? Here, three photos to prove how often I wear this damn t-shirt.

You can shop Hatch Collection here.

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