Go from Boardroom to Bootcamp with This Easy Look

OOTD - October 26, 2016 LEAD
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Shop the look: 1. Uniqlo coat, $129; uniqlo.com 2. Falke Ergonomic Sport System top, $115; net-a-porter.com 3. Fitbit bracelet, $100; kohls.com 4. Adidas track pants, $50; adidas.com 5. Old Navy tote, $25; oldnavy.com 6.Veja Esplar sneakers, $150; clubmonaco.com

Going from work to working out is never an easy transition to make, but a well-planned wardrobe change will help. We'd go with sleek sporty separates that fit in an oversize tote (because no one wants to commute with a second bag) and later, post-exercise, pair well with a classic car coat at dinner. And, if you'd rather not schlep a shoe change around all day, wear sneakers that won't look weird at the office—minimalist white ones should be the trick.

—Market by Kristina Rutkowski

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