This Tricky Fall Color Trend Is Already Popping Up Everywhere

Here are nine ways to pull it off.

Bella Hadid wearing an orange outfit
Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images

With autumn looming, you may be tempted to phase out the neon color palette of your summer wardrobe and make room for warmer hues. Burgundy, chocolate brown, warm taupe, and deep olive are a few examples of the season’s most classic shades. But to truly embrace the fall aesthetic, your closet demands some orange outfits, too.

Orange has always had reputation of being bold; wear it, and you’re bound to make a statement wherever you are. If you’ve shied away from this color in the past, fearing you'll look like a walking pumpkin, you’re definitely not alone, but you also might be missing out. Yes, an orange shirt, sweater, pants, or full ensemble may seem hard to pull off, but Instagram influencers have proven that it's easier than you'd think.

Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of orange outfits to use as a guide. Even if your fall schedule mostly involves staying home, it's the perfect time to experiment and embrace this seasonal shade.

Keep It Simple

Autumn is pretty much synonymous with 'sweater weather,' which means we'll be reaching for chunky knits in every color. Pluck a comfy orange sweater from your closet and pair it with your favorite jeans, booties, and possibly a pumpkin spiced treat for a classic fall ensemble.

Pair Orange With Orange

When executed correctly, there’s no such thing as too much orange. The key is to layer on complementary shades of this bright color, so the finished product looks seamless and not too in-your-face. For example, thrown on a soft orange (almost peach-y) gingham sweater, then layer a solid orange blazer over it. Finish off the look with grey, black, or even off-white bottoms, and stick with a toned-down color scheme for footwear and accessories, too.

Go Bold

Want to really make a statement? Pair an orange top with dark green pants (or vice versa) for a dynamic look. Since these bold colors offer more than enough pop, you can then go easy on accessories. Opt for neutral footwear and a subtle clutch, rather than a distracting oversized tote.

Combine Fall Trends

Fall is a fashion lover's playground; due to the changing of the seasons, there are plenty new, cool-weather trends to experiment with and try. However, plaid pieces are a mainstay, and this print is the perfect way to balance out something orange. Whether you style a plaid jacket over sweats or pair orange pants with a plaid button-down, this combination is cute and eye-catching every time.

Think Cozy-Casual

We love a cozy outfit that can work almost anywhere, whether you're chilling at home or out to dinner. Pair a casual orange sweater with loose, leather trousers (or even culottes on warmer days). The combination of something comfy on top with a more formal bottom makes the finished look appear lax yet pulled-together. For an additional pop of color, swipe on your favorite red lip.

Liven Up Your Work Wardrobe

If your workplace is more liberal, be bold with your office attire and go for an orange-on-orange look. Should that seem too risky, you can also dull jack-o'-lantern hues by swapping in a black blazer or other dark-colored staples. Your favorite stilettos will no doubt make the perfect shoe choice, but if you're feeling more business-casual, opt for sneakers instead.

Remember the Essentials

Sweater dresses are in the same family as oversized T-shirts, and they're just as easy to throw on and go. You can dress them up with heeled boots or dress them down with sneakers. Plus, should you be into it, they also pair well with tights. Since this dress style (in any color!) is a foundational piece, try layering on jackets and vests, or accessorizing with scarves, wide-brim hats, or belts — the choice is yours.

Wear a Graphic Tee With an Orange Skirt

A flannel isn't the only fall staple that plays nice with graphic tees. A fun and funky shirt will also hold its own against an orange skirt’s vibrance. The bold nature of both will cancel each other out, so the finished look doesn't seem so loud. It’s the dressed up yet grunge-inspired outfit your inner '90s kid has been waiting for.

Accessorize With Orange

No matter what’s going on with your outfit, this fiery hue is always going to be the focal point. But if you aren’t ready to go orange head-to-toe, break out an orange scarf, hat, bag, or even jewelry when your look is craving a pop of color.

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