By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 19, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
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Cosabella Thongs
Credit: Getty, Courtesy (2)

“The most comfortable underwear ever created.” That’s an award known to cotton boy shorts and maybe Calvin Klein briefs, but definitely not to the thong. The thong’s claim to fame is its ability to help you dodge VPL, which is really the only reason I ever started adding in a pair or two to my rotation (I have fashion OCD about visible panty lines. It's a problem).

Comfort is usually taken out of the equation when it comes to this underwear style—in fact, that’s the main reason many of my friends say they never wear thongs or even own one. But after trial and error, I’m here to say that I found a pair that are so comfy, they rival granny panties. Not only are Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Thongs ($24; bearable to wear all day with any article of clothing (you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing a thong), they’re downright beautiful.

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The floral lace fabric is incredibly stretchy—I like to think of them like the yoga pants of underwear. They waistband is thick and sits on your hips without budging, and they definitely don’t ride up. So if you’re still a lover of early aughts fashion trends and dig low-rise jeans, these are made for you. And for being lace, these thongs lay smooth and are invisible under the thinnest of fabrics. They also come in 80 (!!!) different colors, though not every store sells all of the options. The Blush and Shadow shades dominate my underwear drawer.

While they do ring in at $24 a pop, you’re spending your money on an essential that truly lasts. I’ve had a few pairs for years, and the lace is still in-tact after being aggressively washed in non-gentle-cycle settings and dried thousands of times.

Basically, these unmentionables are worth mentioning. You can pick up Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Thongs at major department stores and online.