Kors is taking the camouflage trend to the max.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Feb 06, 2019 @ 10:00 am
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Michael Kors - Lead
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If you're a fan of the Michael Kors MK logo, then you are going to love the brand's Spring 2019 collection. It's filled with accessories emblazoned with the brand's initials, from denim backpacks to platform sneakers to plush towels. The corresponding campaign features model Bella Hadid in the safari-inspired collection — right down to a pair of camouflage undies.

In the video, you'll see the 22-year-old model effortlessly leaping through the air while managing to balance two Michael Kors bags around her neck, a backpack over her shoulders, a fanny pack around her waist, and a box bag in her right hand — proving everyone who has ever said modeling was easy wrong.Her moves showing off the clothes are just as impressive. At the end of the clip you'll see Hadid holding a backbend in a camouflage bodysuit (very Crocodile Hunter-chic mixed with urban glam).

"The atmosphere on set is so much fun," Hadid exclusively tells InStyle.com "You know we blast music, Michael's cheering, David's shooting, and it's very upbeat and fast." As far as nailing all of those acrobatic moves, Hadid credits her athletic background. "Horseback riding really helped me with modeling," Hadid explains. "It helped with my posture, having long legs, putting your hands exactly in the right place — all of the things my mother would teach me growing up."

Kors was so impressed with Hadid's moves on set that he joked that she would make a great contestant on Dancing With the Stars. "I'm not going to say she would do it," Kors says. "But she would win. She doesn't need coaching at all — no one moves like that." Well, who knows if we'll be able to see Hadid cutting a rug on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon, but at least we can hit play on the campaign video below.

"It's optimistic. It's all about movement. It's all about speed. It's about having a good time," Kors explains. "I think a lot of fashion can be very serious and sad. And we had fun shooting it. In today's world, girls like Bella don't stop moving."

If you want to star in your own version of the Michael Kors campaign and you're in the New York City area, stop by Dolby Soho at 477 Broadway in New York City on February 6 for an immersive experience.