7 Memorial Day Outfits You Can Make Using Your Swimsuit

These stylist-approved ideas will get you through that 3-day weekend.

7 Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Make Using Your Swimsuit
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Now that the strange, cold-but-warm transitional season is behind us, the sun is out and shining, temperatures are rising, and Memorial Day Weekend is sitting pretty on the calendar. In many ways, those three days represent the unofficial start of summer and vacation season (who doesn't enjoy a Summer Friday?). So, insert that Spongebob "I'm Ready!" meme here, because that's my exact mood.

I don't know about you, but from Monday, May 30th on, I'll be living in one-pieces and bikinis, starting with my Memorial Day outfits, all of which will involve some sort of swimwear. Whether or not your MDW festivities are taking place poolside or at the beach is irrelevant; you never know when the opportunity to take a dip or head somewhere sandy will arise. Plus, one-pieces with fun cut-outs and bold-colored bikinis are just as much of a statement as a crochet top or printed maxi dress.

There are endless Memorial Day Weekend outfits you can make using a swimsuit, but if you're not used to donning swimwear on dry land, staring into the abyss known as your spring-to-summer wardrobe may feel overwhelming or even intimidating. So, if you're still in need of outfit inspiration for the long weekend, I reached out to stylists who consider swimwear as good as ready-to-wear, and they're sharing their ideas, ahead.

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Use a Little Black One-Piece as Your Base

7 Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Make Using Your Swimsuit
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Style and fashion expert Andréa Bernholtz, founder of Swiminista, suggests a black one-piece as your foundation for an all-day Memorial Day Weekend outfit. It's essentially like your reliable LBD, but more suitable for your everyday summer uniform. Bernholtz's go-to is Swiminista's Delightful suit, which, she says, pairs beautifully with a colorful skirt and fun pair of wedges. As for accessories, a straw bag and a seasonal hat will complete this sleek, easy, and sexy look, and, according to Bernholtz, will make the wearer "ready for a dive in the pool or beach!"

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Convenience and Versatility Reign Supreme

Memorial Day Outfits
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Chelsea Titzer, fashion stylist and creative director/senior designer at bella dahl, tells InStyle it's important that her MDW outfits are comfortable, stylish, and consist of layers that are easy to peel off when it's time for water activities.

"Going from cabana to dipping in the pool should be an easy transition," Titzer says via email. Her solution? Simplicity.

"Wear your favorite bright, solid print suit that can easily pair with any accessory, or pair your solid suit with side-slit flowy pants and a matching long-sleeve, tie-front top," says Titzer. "This gives you the opportunity to add on fun, bold, festive accessories to give the outfit an extra pop. Think big shades, a floppy hat, and some slip-on wedges for added height."

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Work Some Linen Into Your Look

7 Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Make Using Your Swimsuit
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Linen outfits are trending for summer 2022 —which is no surprise, since the fabric is often associated with the summer months. Fashion stylist Christina Stein agrees, adding that her favorite MDW outfit (and summer outfit in general) is linen pants styled with a bathing suit top.

"This can work with a unique one-piece as well," Stein tells InStyle. "You can dress the pants up with wedges or flip-flops to walk the beach. Top it off with a hat to protect you from those rays and a raffia bag to pull in the whole vibe!"

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Different Textures Add Balance and Contrast

Memorial Day Weekend Outfits
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Knits, chiffons, and crochet swimwear will be all the rage this summer, but so will classic, timeless pieces that can be worn with textured cover-ups, creating a funky contrast that immediately elevates your look. Co-founders of JLUXLABEL, Christina and Teresa Jaide, advise leaning into this juxtaposition if you're looking for effortlessness. That means that if you're opting for a crochet bikini, rock a loose button-down blouse over it, and if you're really feeling experimental, the duo says their latest obsession is to wrap said blouse with a textured or printed sarong. "Immediately you just brought the runway to the pool or beach!"

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Bring Your Pajamas to the Beach or Pool

7 Memorial Day Weekend Outfits You Can Make Using Your Swimsuit
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If you're scratching your head at this one, stay with me: It may sound strange to wear your best PJs anywhere but the bedroom, but Teresa and Christina swear a quality, cotton pinstriped pajama set is perfect for the beach or pool. Leave the top open or tie it up for a cropped look before accessorizing with your favorite hoops, a straw hat, and an oversized beach bag. "Not only will you leave the house in your PJs, but you'll look like you had it all planned out — because, well, you did!"

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Layer On a Caftan

Memorial Day Outfits
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For a one-and-done ensemble, drape a caftan over your favorite swimsuit and you can be out the door in seconds. The best part? Caftans are available virtually everywhere, from Amazon to Neiman Marcus, and come in such a wide range of colors and prints that there's one to suit every fashion taste. Since these pieces can be styled both casually and dressy, Stein says she'll usually pack them for clients who have a dressed-up occasion, and then it doubles as their cover-up by the pool. Just add heels, flip flops and a beach tote, or a clutch, depending on your itinerary.

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Grab a Denim Jacket

Memorial Day Outfits
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Looking to play the part of being festive for. the holiday? Style consultant and personal stylist Soneca Guadara says adding a dash of "Americana" is simple thanks to pieces that take on the red, white, and blue color palette. More specifically, Guadara favors a quintessential blue denim jacket thrown over a white dress, accessorized with red jewelry, and paired with white trainers for footwear.

"[With this look] you are as festive as you can be. Not to mention the jacket can be worn over your one-piece suit during the day if the weather is still a bit crisp, and easily tossed into your bag if the weather warms up. It's my must-have all summer long !"

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