What We Would Like to See Melania Trump Wear if She Is First Lady

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The passing of First Lady and former style icon Nancy Reagan got me thinking about Donald Trump’s wife of eleven years, Melania. If Mr. Trump, the brash Republican frontrunner and reality-tv star, should be elected President of the United States, he would be only the second president with a wife who wasn’t born in this country (the wife of John Quincy Adams, Louisa, was born in England). Mrs. Trump, 45, was born in Yugoslavia, now called Slovenia, and would be the first First Lady with a foreign accent. Just an interesting aside…

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Nancy Reagan, who was born in New York City, was Ronnie’s second wife. Melania is Donnie's third. Mrs. Reagan was an actress who stepped back from her career to support her husband’s aspirations. Mrs. Trump is a former fashion model who did the same. Nancy Reagan was tiny, bird-like, and decorous. She favored trim skirt suits and elegant gowns by designer James Galanos. Melania is tall and voluptuous, and has posed for racy photos. She is known for wearing body-conscious dresses and sky-high Louboutin heels.

What a difference a few decades make! I wonder how Melania Trump’s style will change if she assumes such a prominent role. Will she tone it down? Her husband certainly hasn’t. Will the public want and expect flamboyance worthy of a billionaire’s wife?

If it were up to me to dress her as First Lady, here are some of my suggestions from American designers (who may or may not be interested in helping with her with a fashion “makeover”). What do you think?

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Ralph Lauren

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Zac Posen

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Lela Rose

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Oscar de la Renta

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Carolina Herrera

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