She looks happier than ever in the behind-the-scenes video.
Meghan Markle - Lead

If you're struggling to get through Wednesday, Meghan Markle is here to send a reminder that no matter what you're going through, it's going to be a lovely day, literally. On the Sussex Royal's Instagram story, the Duchess of Sussex is all smiles as she's seen working hard on her Smart Works Charity capsule clothing line. The behind-the-scenes video is perfectly set to the tune of Bill Withers classic song Lovely Day.

If you haven't heard about Markle's clothing line yet, the Sussex Royal account explained it as, "An initiative supporting the Smart Works collective which will equip women entering the work force with the key work wear essentials they need." The news of the capsule collection was first announced back in July, but this is the first time we're getting to actually see some of the clothing. Markle explained in British Vogue, "For each item purchased by a customer, one is donated to charity. Not only does this allow us to be part of each other’s story, it reminds us we are in it together.”

In the new video clips uploaded to Instagram on August 21, we can see Markle greeting some of the campaign models and adjusting what looks like a belt wrapped around a black dress. There is also a model wearing a black blazer and another wearing a crisp, white button-down shirt.

It's hard to tell from the short videos exactly what else will be included in the collection, but we did notice that Markle's wearing a blue striped With Nothing Underneath. Perhaps we'll see some fashion-forward, workwear pieces inspired by some of Markle's favorite brands, too.

Press Play to See Meghan Markle at the Campaign Shoot Below