'Outer Banks' ' Madison Bailey, a Gen Z-er, Says It's OK to Wear Skinny Jeans

Plus, the star of American Eagle's Jeans Are Forever campaign shares a small spoiler for season two.

Madison Bailey American Eagle

It was an announcement that caused a massive fashion debate: Skinny jeans are out — at least according to members of Gen Z, who took to TikTok to make such claims, while also bashing side parts and specific emoji. So we really have to ditch this cut we've loved for years, in favor of baggier styles (which are notoriously harder to wear with boots, BTW)?

Well, no — at least according to 22-year-old (!!!) Madison Bailey, who you might recognize from Netflix's hit series Outer Banks. Considering she also appears in American Eagle's Spring 2021 denim campaign, aptly titled Jeans Are Forever, we're assuming she's well versed in which styles are 'in' right now. And lucky for those who love skinnies, she admits she has no issues with them.

"I still wear skinny jeans," she tells InStyle over a Zoom call (although we did note her A+ middle part). "I wear jeans 24/7, so I have to have a mixture of everything. Other people have like, 'bottoms,' and I'm genuinely just like, 'No, it's jeans — it's just jeans.' So, I love me some mom jeans, cropped jeans, and I do love skinny jeans. Something about skinny jeans, [Converse] Chucks, and a crop top will never go out of style in my mind."

In fact, long before working with American Eagle, Bailey was shopping there for all sorts of denim, due to the store's specific size and length range.

"My legs are so long, and it was the only brand that I knew of that did like, a 0 long. I had jeans that were all high waters, which, luckily, that's the style now. But, at the time [in middle school and high school], I wanted jeans all the way down to my ankle, and it was one of the only places that had that customizable fit that was really tailored to any and everyone."

At this point, you probably get it — Bailey is a jean fanatic. She has an extensive collection and clearly knows where to shop for the best pairs. So, we had to ask: If we were to trade our slimmer styles for something wider, what kind of shoes do we wear with those?

"Always sneakers," she advises. "I am not a flip-flop or sandal person, but I'll wear heels, boots, and sneakers. But, really any sneakers — Vans, Converse."

Yes, we caught that 'no sandals' bit, too. Bailey explains that she wears those same sneakers everywhere, even in the summer (presumably with denim shorts).

"Listen, I wear Chucks to the beach," she says. "And, people have several comments. Whoever I'm with always is like, 'You're wearing sneakers on a beach?' And I'm like, 'Yes, I am!' Because, listen, when the sand's hot, I want to be in my sneakers. It's going to be fine. I don't like when I walk in flip-flops. You have to have a designated pair of [beach] sneakers."

Madison Bailey American Eagle

So, to summarize, Bailey says all jeans are cool, and Converse look great with every single outfit. But, what does a fashion-loving Gen Z-er like herself have to say about shirt styles?

"I love [tops] with one sleeve or one strap," she tells us. "I am still a tiny tank top, tiny crop top person; I don't buy full shirts anymore. If it's not a bodysuit or a crop top, it's probably not in my wardrobe still. That's just me, personally. But, I do like oversized, so I'll do an oversized T-shirt with skinny jeans. I always balance it out. I don't like wearing two baggy pieces of clothing [at the same time]."

Madison Bailey American Eagle

Of course, Bailey's life isn't all about clothing. These days, the actress is focused on her job, spending her days filming season two of Outer Banks, in which she plays Kiara "Kie" Carrera.

"We're done [filming] in Charleston and are now moving to...our second location," she says mysteriously, adding that she's been spending a lot of time with her costars (and shooting campaigns with them as well). "I feel like the whole cast and crew really made the sacrifice of, 'OK, we really can't see anyone but each other for six months to keep everyone safe, and to make the show work and put out a great season two.' So yeah, it's a lot of hanging out with the same people for 12 hours a day."

Madison Bailey American Eagle

As for what The Pogues will be up to this time around? Bailey is tight-lipped about that, and isn't about to share something that might give away the plot.

"I feel like I haven't sat down and had a conversation with anyone about what I can say," she admits. However, she's happy to give us some hints in the form of emoji (no laugh-cry is included).

"I don't know if they have a gold emoji, but we're going to throw that out there, obviously. Another boat emoji. And...praying hands — that's a spoiler. We're going to throw that one in there. Now you're like, 'Why are you guys praying?'"

We seriously can't wait to find out, but in the meantime. we'll be following Bailey's lead, keeping skinnies in our rotation, and shopping for a few new pairs at ae.com.

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