Credit: Madewell

If you’ve recycled your old denim at Madewell in the last three years, you’ll be excited to know that they’re starting to repurpose them. Thanks to their partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green, their recycling program has collected a total of 155,532 pairs of jeans from all of their stores, which double as year-round drop sites.

So what are they doing with all of our old, discarded denim? They're transforming them into housing insulation for communities in need. In fact, they’ve created 278,530+ sq. ft. of insulation already and now they’re partnering with organizations to put them to use.

Madewell - Recycling Jeans - 2
Credit: Courtesy Madewell

In honor of Earth Day, the Madewell team hosted a build in Los Angeles with Habitat for Humanity to insulate a house with the denim from their recycling program. So far, they've built over 180 houses in cities like New Orleans, Charleston, and L.A. using their denim insulation.

Madewell - Recycling Jeans - 1
Credit: Courtesy Madewell

While it feels great to purge all of our old jeans that we never wear anymore (goodbye, rhinestoned pockets), it's even better to know that they're literally going to a good home. But don't stop recyling—Madewell is hoping to collect a total of 200,000 pairs by the end of this year. It's never too late to start spring cleaning!