My head has officially been turned.

By Samantha Sutton
Jan 22, 2021 @ 4:30 pm
Credit: Courtesy Ann Summers

I honestly blame Zendaya for my current obsession with the reality TV show Love Island. Remember that scene in the first season of Euphoria, when her character Rue is lying in bed, watching the UK dating show without peeing? After hearing those sound bites coming from her laptop, I became somewhat intrigued. So, on a completely normal day, I began binging season five of the dating competition on Hulu — and quickly devoured season six, season four, and season three afterward (since it's a different group each time, you don't have to go in order).

I wasn't just into watching people couple up with each other and compete for a cash prize. I wasn't just hooked on the drama, the friendships, and all that UK lingo (although, it's about time the USA adopted terms like "mugging me off"). The fact is, nearly everyone that appears on the show becomes an influencer afterward, and I couldn't stop myself from following a few of my favorites to get their life updates (are those couples still together?!) and, ultimately, style inspiration (I literally watch Molly-Mae Hague's YouTube videos).

One thing I noticed about a few of my favorite Love Island women, like season five's Maura Higgins and season four's Megan Barton-Hanson? They wore and partnered with a super sexy UK lingerie brand called Ann Summers, showing off the strappy and lacy designs via Instagram. Sometimes, they would collaborate on collections, or model the brand's Halloween costumes. Occasionally, they'd mention sex toys you can buy on the site. I couldn't help but feel intrigued — or influenced, I should say.

Credit: Courtesy Ann Summers

So, I clicked. I browsed. I added to cart and checked out.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there's a lot to love about Ann Summers' offerings. Aside from being approved by people from my favorite show, you can find just about any type of lingerie you want — bras, underwear, corsets, Megan Thee Stallion-type bodystockings, etc. The sizing is pretty inclusive, with many bras going up to 44HH, and Ann Summers has also taken steps to be more sustainable, releasing a collection called Knickerbox Planet, which is modeled by Love Island's Lucie Donlan. The pieces are made with recycled lace and the bags they arrive in are biodegradable.

You can also find Ann Summers items that could easily pass as everyday clothes. Personally, I bought a bodysuit to pair with jeans or to spice up a blazer or cardigan (a slightly more modest take on the bracket trend), and also came across "wet look" leggings, which could easily replace leather pants (definitely the less-constricting option). Plus, if you've been telling yourself it's time to invest in a nightgown, go ahead and take your pick from the babydolls and chemise dresses. They're a bit sexier and fancier than some sort of oversized, floral mumus (although, I do love those, too).

Credit: Courtesy Ann Summers

To be honest, it's hard to feel anything but lazy when you're sitting on your couch, snacking away, 25 episodes deep into a full-on Love Island love saga (with your phone out as well, so you can Google where these people are now). But, between discovering this sexy store — just in time for Valentine's Day! — and the ability to use words like "buzzin'" and "grafting" in a sentence, I do feel somewhat accomplished. Apologies to the other great lingerie brands out there, but my head has been turned!