Petites, talls, plus-sizes, and expectant moms are going to love this.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated May 08, 2019 @ 9:00 am
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Loft - Lead
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There are a ton of fashion subscription services available, but Loft is drastically changing the game with the launch of Infinitely Loft. It is one of the most size-inclusive fashion subscriptions we've seen — with petite, tall, plus, and maternity options — and it's officially launching on May 8.

“Infinitely Loft is another exciting way for us to deliver the size-inclusive fashion our client knows and loves, plus great value and convenience,” Laura Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of Loft, Ann Taylor, and Lou & Grey, says in a statement. “We know she’s constantly evolving, both through different stages of her life and in her ever-changing style preferences, and we want to be there with her every step of the way.”

The price is lower than what I typically drop on one item at a fast-fashion retailer. For $65 a month, Loft will hook you up with three items at a time, but you get unlimited picks with each monthly subscription. That means you could wear something new just about every day if you're strategic with your swaps. Loft handles the shipping and dry cleaning of items, too.

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“It is our mission to show up and be there for our clients wherever she chooses, and she’s told us that her closet requirements evolve with her mood and style,” Andrew Clarke, President of LOFT, explains. “We are now evolving that relationship into an endless closet. Infinitely Loft is about saving her time and increasing her access to the brand.”

Best of all: If you come across a piece that you just can't imagine living without, Loft will sell it to you for about 50 to 80 percent off retail price.