The highly-rated pants are selling out quickly.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Aug 19, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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I get it. Buying pants without trying them on can be scary. I pretty much shop online for a living, but I find myself hitting "add to cart" on tops and dresses more often then I do on pants. You can blame it on the thick thighs I inherited from my mama or the fact that most brands typically work with a fit model that only represents one specific body type. But there are a few labels thinking of women of all shapes and sizes and Loft seems to be leading the pack with its Wide-Leg Riviera pants.

The best-selling trousers fit plus-size, straight-size, and petite women, which is probably why the pant is not only a best-seller, but also one of the most highly rated items on the retailer's website.

"I have a muscular body type and I’m taller," one reviewer wrote on the website. "And these pants don’t cling to my quads and hit so flattering on my waist. Love them." Another reviewer raved, "Love the way the pants look on my petite, curvy body. I don't look bulky in the wide-leg pants."

The Wide-Leg Riviera comes in a ton of colors (black, olive, almond, crimson, lime, and green), so women are stocking up on the style in multiple shades.