In case you're looking for a slightly more practical purchase.

lirika matoshi strawberry dress
Credit: Courtesy

Despite the fact that sweats, bike shorts, and, yes, bloomers make up our home uniform of choice right now, a fancy, fruity tulle dress has weirdly become the Internet's new obsession. Lirika Matoshi's Strawberry Midi Dress, which rings in at $490, has sparked a variety of viral memes, tweets, and even knockoffs as of late. And, although we've definitely debated adding this whimsical pink design to our carts (despite having no where special to actually wear it), there's another item on the brand's site that might be a bit more practical.

It's the strawberry dress...only in face mask form.

lirika matoshi strawberry mask
Credit: Courtesy

Since safety is the top priority each time we leave the house, face masks have become our must-have accessory of 2020. It's the new everyday staple, and seeing celebrities stock up on more decorated options has definitely convinced us to do the same. Even if our go-to outfits consist of a simple oversized tee and and shorts, Lirika Matoshi's glittered mask will allow us to feel like our old, fashion-loving selves. Plus, if you plan to say "I do" in a mini-mony this fall, the brand also sells white, embellished designs that could pass for bridal face masks, too.

Of course, these masks are a slight investment. Since they're so special (and will likely need to be washed by hand), the price tag is $50. However, you're likely to get good use out of it, and if you do end up buying the viral dress, you can take a note from J.Lo and coordinate your look.