Law Roach Wants to Help You Find Timeless Vintage Pieces

The Image Architect, who dresses everyone from Zendaya to Anya Taylor-Joy, worked with Tradesy to curate a full collection. Now, he's sharing his best shopping tips with InStyle.

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It's pretty much impossible to talk about memorable modern celebrity style moments without mentioning the name Law Roach. The Image Architect, after all, is responsible for putting together plenty of looks that will live on in our memory forever, whether we're talking Anya Taylor-Joy's glamorous dress from the 2021 Golden Globes, or the hundreds of jaw-dropping outfits he has created for his longtime client Zendaya. (Her polka-dot Emmys gown! The bright pink breastplate from the Critics Choice Awards! The list goes on.)

Still, Roach doesn't just want to help Hollywood look its best. He's also down to share advice with the rest of the world, even telling us exactly what to shop through his new curated collection for Tradesy, a resale site for designer and luxury fashion. The Law Roach Edit has a special spot right on the front page, where shoppers can browse his suggestions.

Roach is also far from a newbie when it comes to vintage and finding secondhand gems. He famously connected with Zendaya while running his own shop, Deliciously Vintage, and has has always had a passion for discovering timeless pieces. Ahead, he shares his tips for all things vintage shopping, whether you're on a budget or just want to know how to score the pieces you'll treasure forever.

Tell us about this curated collection. Why did you want to partner with Tradesy and what kind of pieces did you include?

"Being such a huge fan of vintage fashion, Tradesy is a treasure trove of amazing finds. Since it is impossible to define or categorize a 'powerful' woman, I tried to include pieces for women of every stripe. I tried to imagine women I know in my life and select pieces I know they would love to own."

A Dior Saddle bag, which is part of Roach's curated Tradesy collection. Courtesy

We love how your styling career stemmed from a vintage shop. Were you always into vintage? When did you get into it and what drew you to it?

"I've been into vintage for, literally, as long as I can recall. I remember thrift shopping with my grandmother when I was little and feeling like I struck gold. That thrill hasn't left me yet."

What are your best tips for shopping secondhand?

"I think I would say diligence is key. The beauty of vintage clothing is that the supply is nearly constantly replenished, especially on sites like Tradesy, which has such a great assortment. Check back frequently, you never know what you'll find."

Let's say someone is on a budget of spending less than $500, but wants to add some special secondhand designer pieces to their wardrobe. Where would you begin?

"I would go with something that can be worked into multiple outfits, an amazing pair of heels or a beautiful coat… something that you can add to your existing wardrobe to make the whole look feel luxe."

Do you have a favorite brand to buy vintage or secondhand?

"I'm always excited to find Galliano-era Dior or Tom Ford-era Gucci."

A Jean Paul Gaultier coat, which is part of Roach's curated Tradesy collection. Courtesy

Are there any '90s or '00s trends you're particularly loving at the moment?

"As much as I love seeing the '90s/'00s influence in current collections, I don't think that there is a particular 'trend' that stands out for me. In a way, I think that that is the beauty of vintage shopping — you get to own pieces from any era, and don't really have to consider trends, just personal style."

What's an unexpected secondhand purchase you've made?

"I think the thrill of secondhand shopping is that almost all purchases are unexpected. Half of the fun is digging around and hunting, whether it's online or in person. That being said, I am so grateful to have been able to purchase items from the archive of Eunice Walker and the Ebony Fashion Fair!"

What's the oldest fashion item you own, and what's the story behind it?

"Probably a pair of denim overalls that belonged to my grandfather. The material still feels incredible and like it could last another lifetime. They just feel timeless."

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