Kamala Harris' Great-Nieces Adorably Recreated One of Her Childhood Outfits at the Inauguration

We almost missed this cute fashion moment.

Kamala Harris Great Nieces
Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

If you think politics and fashion have nothing to do with one another, we're here to inform you that's simply not the case. Just take a look at all the subtle messages sent by the outfits from the Inauguration: Kamala Harris wore a Black-owned brand and the unifying color purple; Dr. Jill Biden supported an American designer with her matchy-matchy look. Sure, the dresses, coats, and suits were stunning, but more importantly, every piece came with a much deeper meaning.

Even Harris' great-nieces dressed to impress — despite being just four and two years old. The daughters of Meena Harris, founder and CEO of the brand Phenomenal, supported the Vice President by wearing faux fur, plush leopard coats, which were secretly a tribute to one of Harris' childhood outfits.

Kamala Harris great nieces
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According to a press release, the girls' coats were actually custom-made by the female-founded childrenswear brand, iloveplum, which is based out of NYC. After sending sketches to Meena, they were able to hand-sew the pieces over the weekend in Oakland, California, ensuring they were ready to wear in time for this special, historic occasion.

Meena later shared a photo of her daughters, Amara and Leela, posing in the "special coats to look just like Auntie's" on social media, and made sure to include a photo of Vice President Harris in the original look. The resemblance is too cute!

Some good news is that, while the little ones are currently the sole owners of some seriously fancy, fabulous coats, it won't stay that way for long. iloveplum has plans to produce and sell the outerwear option via its website in the near future, and will call the design 'Kamala.'

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