'Ozark's' Julia Garner's Favorite Dress Cost Her $12 in 2009

The actress is a big fan of throwback fashion — which makes her the perfect person to help show off Motorola's new Razr.

Oldest Thing I Own: Julia Garner
Photo: InStyle.com; Getty Images

With every old show that gets added to Netflix, and every questionable fashion trend that manages to resurface, we get more and more nostalgic for the early-00s. So, why not throw a new Razr into that mix? Yep, the super cool, OG cell has been revamped for 2020, including smartphone technology, two screens, and multiple colorways. And, perhaps, there’s no one better to help show it off than Emmy winning and nominated actress Julia Garner.

On top of starring in a glamorous short promoting the new and improved model, Garner, who plays Ruth Langmore in Netflix’s Ozark, is all about nostalgia. “The flip is everything,” she says during an interview with InStyle, adding that the Razr’s comeback is right in line with today’s obsession with throwback fashion.

“When you think about it, late-'90s, early 2000s trends are really coming back, with all those micro purses,” she says. “Those were [originally] designed for people that A, did not have a cell phone, because most people didn't have a cell phone then. Or B, had a Razr phone. So, this is actually coming out at a perfect time.”

In her everyday life, Garner’s style fits in with the whole nostalgic theme. She’s a fan of vintage shopping, and her main requirement for clothes is that they look as if they’d be part of a movie.

“I always approach fashion from more of a cinematic view rather than ‘What is the trend?” she tells us. “I’m the same with music, too — I don't listen to something if I don't get this weird, cinematic feeling. If it's not a full look, it's like, do you even go out of the house today? I don't think so.”

julia garner razr phone

Maybe it's daydreaming about those possible theatrical scenarios that make it hard for Garner to clean out her closet. The 26-year-old admits to holding onto clothes for years, even if she’s never worn them. At the same time, however, she’s also kept a few pieces in rotation for over a decade.

“I have this dress that I've had since 2009,” she tells us. “It looks very vintage but it's not. I think I bought it for $12. It's such a nice dress. It's this cool blue — an amazing color — and these puff-sleeves. I've worn so much it's starting to get holes now. I just can't get rid of it. I love that dress.”

Garner also cherishes pieces she’s inherited from her mom.

“My mom had a dress from when she was about 19 years old in the '70s that she still had, and I actually wear that. I'm not going to get rid of that at all, just because it was my mother's. It's like a house dress; it's a maxi and it’s checkered. It's really pretty. Everything was made better back then.”

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While the actress clearly doesn’t mind a throwback look, but there are a few trends she’ll skip over should they ever pop back up.

“I don't want a wedged flip flop,” she says. “Bedazzled T-shirts? That's…no. Even when they showed thongs on purpose. Yeah, that’s not good. Oh, and super, super thin, thin eyebrows — definitely not into that trend.”

Ironically, aside from using her phone for work purposes, Garner prefers to stay off of it when she can — which happens to be another plus side of the Razr’s flip feature. “You flip it, then you flip it off,” she says. “It does this subconscious count in a way.”

It also ties into her aforementioned passion for cinematic moments.

“It's really fun when you're talking to someone and they're like, "Bye!" And you’re [angrily] flipping it closed,” she jokes. “With my husband, I'm going to be like, ‘Can I have a Carrie Bradshaw moment?’ And we’re fine, I'm kidding, but you know when she's throwing her phone into the ocean in the [Sex and the City] movie? Um, yeah.

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