Jodie Turner-Smith On Her New COS Campaign, Turtlenecks, and Looking Cute in Sweats

Umm, we need this suit, ASAP!

Jodie Turner-Smith
Photo: Courtesy of COS

That slight chill in the air can only mean one thing: it's time to pack up those tank tops and shorts, baby, because fall is (at least unofficially) here. While it can definitely be a challenge figuring out what to wear as the seasons change, actress Jodie Turner-Smith has a pretty easy solution, courtesy of her new COS campaign.

"I want the exact outfit I'm wearing," she tells InStyle when asked about her fall fashion essentials, referencing the three-piece COS suit she wears in her campaign photo. "It was a wide-leg trouser with a suit jacket, and this coat over the top with the sleeves pushed up. It was so chic and classic. I love that look. It's the perfect fall outfit and I need it."

We definitely agree and while we're still waiting for some of those pieces to become available, we're no doubt adding COS' belted wrap coat ($290) to our carts, ASAP.

Still, Turner-Smith is a modern-day fashion icon who always has fun with her outfits, both on the red carpet and off. So, if you're wondering what else she's stocking up on for fall, not to worry: she told InStyle that there are a few key essentials on her shopping list.

"I feel like the wide-leg trouser is really coming back as something that's popular for women, which that is definitely a staple for me. And I love a turtleneck," she adds. "You can always find turtlenecks in my closet without fail, so I can't wait for turtleneck season to come back around. I usually style it with, like I said, a wide-leg trouser, a chic coat — I love a turtleneck underneath a long wool coat."

Turner-Smith also says she approves of leaning into the whole athleisure trend, since it's the perfect way to combine feeling comfortable with looking cute. However, she does admit that sometimes, being cozy tends to take over, which is perfectly fine in her eyes.

"I mean look — I was pregnant at the beginning of the pandemic, when I was just trying to be comfortable and live my best life," she tells us. "There are a lot of paparazzi shots of me out there looking a hot-ass mess, according to the commenters. But I was just trying to be comfortable. Sometimes, you just want to be comfortable and that isn't cute."

"Or it's only cute to your husband," she jokes. As you might remember, Turner-Smith is married to Joshua Jackson.

Jodie Turner-Smith
Raymond Hall/GC Images

The Queen & Slim and Anne Boleyn star does, however, seem to have one "rule" of sorts when it comes to getting dressed in cooler weather.

"I think it's always really fun to add some color into your fall, winter wardrobe, because when it's gloomy outside and drab in terms of weather, it's fun to look bright and see somebody looking bright. They say wearing pink has an effect on your mental state; it makes you happier when you wear pink."

Another smart way Turner-Smith incorporates joy into her winter wardrobe? With her now-famous floral Gucci x The North Face coat, which she was spotted wearing multiple times last year.

"As everyone knows, my favorite coat last year was that Gucci North Face collab. Listen, I love that coat so much, because first of all, it's so warm. It is the warmest coat you'll ever wear — and New York gets cold. That's going to be in my closet forever and probably get passed down to my child. It's amazing."

Turner-Smith is also, obviously, a big fan of shopping at COS, citing that she loves how "tailored but relaxed and natural the clothes look and feel." She was also pretty bummed about not being able to make the brand's London Fashion Week show on Sept. 21, but given her busy schedule, it just wasn't possible.

"I just finished filming a Noah Baumbach movie for Netflix," Turner-Smith tells us when asked what's up next for her. "It's an adaptation based on the Don DeLillo novel White Noise, starring Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle. That was loads of fun. I literally just wrapped on that."

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