These 3 Tricks for How to Fold Jeans Have Been a Game Changer For My Pants Drawer

If you're having trouble storing your denim, you need to try these brilliant methods.

How to Fold Jeans
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I own a lot of jeans. At last count, I'd accrued upwards of 15 pairs. I've been meaning to edit my collection, but haven't plucked up enough energy to dedicate to that activity. Instead, I searched how to fold jeans on Pinterest, and found three genius hacks that helped me fit them all in my bottoms' drawer.

I have Natasha, the digital content creator behind the TikTok account Effective Spaces (which has over 2.8 million followers, by the way), to thank for the taming of my wardrobe. An organization wizard, Natasha's videos explain how to bring order to every area of living space, from under the kitchen sink to closets and cupboards. One of the creator's specialties, however, is folding everything and anything, from bulky bedding to clothes — especially jeans.

Scroll through Effective Spaces' impressive catalog, and you'll find a handful of videos on how to fold jeans in various ways, for various spaces and storage compartments. My saving grace was a 15-second long clip posted on January 29th, in which Natasha shows viewers how to fold jeans in three ways:

  • For Shelves
  • For Deep Drawers
  • For Small Spaces

The video has since amassed 4.5 million views, and watchers have flocked to the comments with praise.

One commenter wrote, "This is so satisfying to watch" (and it is), while another joked, "don't remember the last time I wore jeans but now I need to go fold some." Cue me following suit.

Ahead, I'm breaking down Natasha's top three ways to fold jeans that will help you save space (and leave room for more pairs).

How to Fold Jeans
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How to Fold Jeans for a Shelf

The first folding strategy Natasha performs in the video is her go-to method for shelving, but I find this way of folding is great for drawers, too. First, fold your pant legs so that the ankle touches the hip. Fold again in the same direction.

At this point, your denim should look like two perfect squares of blue side-by-side. Fold one square over the other and voilà! Perfect for stacking.

How to Fold Jeans for Deep Drawers

For deep drawers, Natasha starts by laying out a pair of jeans and folding them in half, as if they were closing a book. Next, the creator folds the leg so that the ankle hits the pants' back pocket, and follows up this step by folding any excess material along the seat over the legs.

To create a perfect square, Natasha folds the top of the jeans over the ankle, leaving the folded excess tucked underneath. From there, Natasha opens the hip of the jeans and, rather than fold the remainder of the legs, tucks them into the opening.

How to Fold Jeans for Small Spaces

My second favorite method from Natasha's video is the small space saver, mostly because it's both quick and efficient. Simply lay out a pair of jeans and fold the top part of the pants over the legs. Then, fold the legs in increments, starting at the ankle and making your way toward the hip. When you can fold no more, tuck the condensed pant legs into the opening of the jean, fold in half, and stack.

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