Addison Rae Weighs in On History's Most Questionable Denim Trends

Double belts? Dresses over jeans? She doesn't hate it.

Addison Rae is woman of many talents. She's risen to superstardom thanks to TikTok, is about to break into the acting world with Netflix's He's All That (out on August 27), and has singlehandedly made us reconsider a ton of questionable fashion trends. Like remember when she made Ed Hardy T-shirts cool again in 2021? Or convinced us to give low-rise pants a try? The 20-year-old is always ahead of the game when it comes to wearing the next 'It' look —so, of course, we had to ask her opinion on what's next.

Considering Addison stars in American Eagle's 'Future Together. Jeans Forever' campaign, we opted to stick with the denim theme while chatting with her. In the video above, she weighs in on a few divisive cuts and styling tricks, both from the past and today. Spoiler alert: she's down to try it all.

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