14 Blazer Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Saying 'Ok, Wait — I'm Wearing That Tomorrow'

Here's how to make the most out of this trusty wardrobe staple.

How to Style a Blazer

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Many closets can easily be separated into two different categories: statement-making pieces, such as sequined, printed, or ruffled designs, and classic wardrobe staples, like T-shirts and jeans. It's the latter that tends to be the most versatile, balancing out outrageous items while also working together to create easy, timeless outfits (ex: solid turtleneck styled with slacks). And among the basics well worth the investment is a blazer.

There's no shortage of ideas for how to style blazer, whether you're using it to balance out something more elaborate, like a poufy dress, or making a sweatsuit feel fancy with a structured layer. A solid-colored option can balance out a bold pattern, while a Barbie pink option can add a welcome splash of color. Plus, since there are so many different types of blazers, you can find a shape, size, or detail that works best for you and your personal style.

Although the answer for how to wear a blazer is basically "just add it to whatever you're wearing," it never hurts to check out street style inspiration. Ahead, we're rounding up our favorite blazer outfit ideas to get you started.

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With Jeans

How to Style a Blazer - With Jeans

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One of the best blazer styling tricks out there is to use this layer to amp up any outfit — even everyday jeans and T-shirts. It adds a bit of interest to what would otherwise be a simple look, pulling everything together (and providing extra warmth on chilly days).

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With Shorts

How to Style a Blazer - With Shorts

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Dressing for transitional weather, when it's not cold but it's far from hot, can leave any fashion lover feeling stumped. Style your blazer with shorts and have it double as a light jacket, providing the perfect amount of warmth for in-between temperatures.

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Over a Dress

How to Style a Blazer - Over a Dress

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Whether it's a mini or a maxi, if your outfit feels incomplete, blazers can provide that little something extra.

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With a Matching Bottom

How to Style a Blazer - With Matching Bottoms

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It's the same idea as a suit just with your own items. If you're looking to dress things up, try a midi skirt instead of slacks.

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As a Dress

How to Style a Blazer - As a Dress

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If you own an oversized blazer (or plan to shop the closet of a pal or significant other who is bigger than you), style it like a mini dress. You can add a belt to define your waist or keep a pair of bike shorts underneath to provide more coverage.

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Over a Bralette

How to Style a Blazer - Over a Bralette

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If you're looking to show some skin, layer your blazer over a bralette or crop top. This look can be sexy if you leave your jacket open, but a few buttoned buttons will turn it into a more subtle statement.

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How to Style a Blazer - Colorblocked

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Play around with colors. If your blazer is white, try pairing it with bottoms that are in the same color family, such as khaki pants.

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With a Skirt

How to Style a Blazer - With a Skirt

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Something printed, pleated, or poufy will feel less over-the-top with with the help of a structured jacket. Alternatively, a brighter blazer can add some pizazz to a simple black skirt.

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With Leather Pieces

How to Style a Blazer

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Play around with volume and texture. Style your favorite printed blazer with leather pants for an outfit that's fun and somewhat unexpected.

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With Sweatpants or Leggings

How to Style a Blazer

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The happy medium between comfy and polished. A blazer has the ability to truly transform casual pieces and pull a look together.

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With Sequins

How to Style a Blazer - With Sequins

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If you're worried about your look coming across as too dressed up or loud, a blazer also has the ability to tone things down and make even the shiniest of items feel more subtle.

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Under a Coat

How to Style a Blazer

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Should your winter jacket be a little too light for a chilly day, a blazer will not only provide warmth, but add a fashion-forward touch, too.

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With a Gown

How to Style a Blazer - With a Gown

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Instead of reaching for a shawl or a leather jacket, try a blazer. It's a more elevated and modern option for formal events.

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As a Statement Piece

How to Style a Blazer

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If you're fresh out of outfit ideas, make your blazer the main focus of your look. Something bright, embellished, or printed will steal the show, especially when styled with basics.

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