How to Tie a Trench Coat—Front and Back

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It's easy to list all the reasons why we love spring (flowers, longer days, and warmth all readily come to mind), but from a fashion perspective, our chief reason is being able to swap our heavy-duty coats and bulky puffers for lighter weight, transitional jackets. We wait all winter long for that day to come. And now that it's finally here, we're topping off our looks with the most timeless piece of all—the trench. Well, it hardly needs an introduction—the coat is a classic for a reason. Not only does it radiate polished sophistication and It-Brit cool, but it also offers protection from the elements (spring's rainy days and unseasonably cold gusts of wind) without stifling or overheating.

Its only downside? What to do with that damn belt. Instead of giving it the double knot or altogether abandoning it (as in, stuffing it in our pockets and leaving it hang), we took it upon ourselves to seek out how to tie it in the chicest way possible—front and back. Check out our easy-to-follow GIF tutorials (complete with step-by-step tips) and learn how to knot a trench like a pro. And in case you're wondering, our model is wearing the Babaton trench coat in Tawny ($295;


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1. Pull the side of the belt without the buckle a bit longer, and cross over the side with the buckle.

2. Draw the long strap under and up to cinch. Let it hang.

3. Loop the strap sans buckle under the other, and pull horizontally.

4. Pull the strap without the buckle way from the body and through the loop.


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1. Cross the side of the belt without the buckle under the other side.

2. Wrap the strap with the buckle over the other, and pull horizontally.

3. Pull the strap with the buckle under and through the circle you've created.

4. Pull the strap with the buckle through the loop.

5. Tighten the knot, and let hang.

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