Age-Wise Style: 7 Reasons to Love a Crisp Shirt

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How much do I love crisp shirts? Let me count the ways…

1. I love that their "crispness" makes me feel fresh and sharp.

2. I love them for the way they pair with everything from jeans to tailored trousers to a pleated skirt to a maxi skirt.

3. I love them unbuttoned at the neck with layers of necklaces for evening—or with sleeves rolled up and layers of bracelets.

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4. I love them buttoned all the way up under a crewneck sweater with just the collar showing.

5. I love them worn open over a swimsuit instead of a matchy cover-up.

6. I love how their boyish vibe complements more feminine pieces, such as a floral skirt or silky pajama pants.

7. I love that they will never go out of style, can be worn in any season, and don't cost an arm and a leg.

What’s not to love? Thanks to Elizabeth Barret Browning for her sonnet "How Do I Love Thee?"

Here are some of my current favorites.

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Shop the pieces: 1. Weekend Max Mara, $180; 2. Gap, $50; 3. Madewell, $80; 4. Uniqlo, $40; 5. Mona Thalheimer, price available upon request, 6. Theory, $235; 7. Equipment, $220; 8. J.Crew, $70;

Runway inspiration at top: Ralph Lauren Spring 2016

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