8 Bodysuit Outfit Ideas to Try ASAP

We found a few easy ways to style this tricky piece.

Bodysuit Outfits

There have been a handful of trends that we've loved at first glance, only to pause when it comes to styling, unsure exactly how to wear them. Bodysuits sit somewhere on that list. Are they a standalone shirt? A layer? A one-piece? Well, with enough outfit inspiration, you'll come to find that they can be all three.

Looking back, it took a minute before bodysuits became a full-fledged fashion statement circa the 1960s. Originally put to market as athletic apparel, these catsuits, leotards — whatever you want to call them — were catapulted into wardrobe stardom when Donna Karan claimed the clothing item was an "easy piece" that would serve as a base layer to build off of.

Now, cut to 2020, bodysuits are more versatile than ever.

Depending on your mood, bodysuits can either be the foundation of an outfit or the statement piece. They can be sexy or sporty, and are able to be dressed up or dressed down. Whatever your style, there's a bodysuit outfit to add to your weekly rotation.

Check out some styling inspiration, ahead.

Add a Few Extras

If when you think 'bodysuit,' you think dainty and graceful, think again. This staple is the perfect base layer, and whether you reach for distressed denim and booties or a skirt and some sneakers, it's the perfect replacement for your average T-shirt.

Think Athleisure

Pair a bodysuit with classic joggers or leggings, then add matching, oversized sweater. Providing contrast with loose pieces will give the finished look a more laid-back feel.

Try a Sleek Combo

Bodysuits come in a few different styles. While the first to come to mind is probably a dancer's leotard, there are also styles that look like a button-downs, which pair well with slacks, skirts, or leather pants. Plus, once you add blazer, trusty heels or flats, and delicate jewelry, this item quickly becomes office-appropriate.

Dress For the Heat

The hotter it gets, the less clothes you want clinging to your body. The solution? A bodysuit and short — or even sheer!— bottoms. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

Get Sexy

Don't shy away from showing some skin — and we're not just talking cleavage. Try on a pair of low-rise jeans for size, letting the bottom of the bodysuit peek out up top.

Make It a Statement Piece

On top of wearing your bodysuit like a shirt, you can get away with making it the center of your outfit, similar to a romper or jumpsuit. With the help of a button-down or a few key accessories, this one-piece can quickly become a full, eye-catching look.

Layer Up

While bodysuits make a great base, it's also possible to layer them over shirts once temperatures take a dip. We suggest trying tighter pieces underneath, such as a turtleneck or a slim-fit button-down, to avoid unwanted bunching.

Go Retro

If you love throwback trends, why stop at the bodysuit? A one-shouldered style paired with flares, or adding a scarf and vintage accessories to your look is a fun way to experiment.

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