6 Fashion Designers Reveal Their Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Tips
Photo: Andrea Cheng

Yes, securing a venue is important, and so is confirming an exceptional catering service or band. But for a lot of brides, all of that takes a backseat to finding the dress. If you really think about it, a wedding is no different from any other extravagant event without a wedding gown (well, the vows too, we guess).

After a week of seeing what bridal designers have dreamed up for their spring 2017 collections, we turned to them to give us advice on picking out a look for that walk down the aisle. So before you start wading through frothy clouds of tulle, debating between a bridal jumpsuit or a pantsuit, or saying yes to any dress, commit to these helpful tips, brought to you by the pros.

"You should know your destination. You can't pick a dress until you know where you're getting married. And also, to have fun with it—take your friends. Keren (Craig) and I always say: Have somebody film you while you’re in the dress. You really get yourself from every angle."—Georgina Chapman of Marchesa (Marchesa dress, pictured above)

"I think it’s really important that brides feel like themselves. I really don’t like it when you go to a wedding and you feel like the girl you've known for years doesn’t look like herself on her wedding day. Brides can push what they normally do, but they should always stay true to who they are."—Peter Copping of Oscar de la Renta

"You never want to have too many cooks in the kitchen. That muddles everything. I think you kind of know when you have the right dress and you try it on and you have the little gasp. But always sleep on it. Do not make your choice right then and there. I think I’ve never heard of anyone who made an impulse purchase that they didn't regret. Definitely sleep on it."Lela Rose

"It's very important that each bride be herself. It's not about being in any white dress, it’s really about your personality. Focus on that."Reem Acra

"I always say you need to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. Is it a destination, is it outdoors, is it more formal, and then look for a dress after. I think they need to work hand in hand, and once you do, go with your gut as to what dress fits best. It's helpful for me to do storyboards, I think as a bride, an inspiration board is very helpful. It shows you the roadmap on how to achieve what you're dreaming."Monique Lhuillier

"Where you're getting married is important, and also knowing your body shape and which style flatters you the most, whether that's a high-waist silhouette or a low waist. But overall, go classic—modern classic, that is. Not a look from the ‘50s. When you look at those pictures 20 years down the line, you don't want to be wearing a fad or a trend. Forget trends. Wear something that will last for a lifetime."Naeem Khan

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