11 Puffer Coat Outfit Ideas to Keep You Looking Warm and Stylish

It seems tricky, but these outfit ideas prove it's not.

Not a fan of dipping temperatures and cold, harsh winters? Then it's time to face the cold, hard truth: most of our cute outerwear options just aren't cutting it anymore, and we should probably break out our warmest puffer coat.

If shrugging on this bulky layer sounds about as exciting as taking a trip to the dentist's office, we get it. As far as coats go, this one tends to be more practical than fashion-forward. However, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a puffer, ensuring it doesn't take away from your overall outfit and looks cute instead. All you need is a bit of style inspiration.

Person walking on the street wearing a black puffer coat and green bag
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It might seem unbelievable, but all it takes are the proper pairings and a few key accessories to make even a sleeping bag-like coat look great. Ahead, we've compiled 12 outfit ideas for how to wear a puffer coat.

With Leggings

Puffer coats and slim-fitting bottoms are a match made in heaven — especially with the rise of jellyfishing. It's a simple combination, but depending on which pieces you choose, there's potential to keep it casual or make things more dressed up. For example, a mid-length option styled over a cozy knit sweater and your favorite leggings is a classic outfit idea and will keep you warm against those winter winds.

With Weather-Appropriate Extras

Even if your puffer coat is somewhat simple, a quick way to enhance your look is with winter accessories. Throw on a checkered scarf, a neon beanie, or even a fuzzy muppet hat, all of which have the ability to make a statement and will help incorporate personal style.

Show Off Your Sweatshirt

A cool and casual way to wear your puffer? With an oversized sweatshirt, letting the hood peek out up top. The extra element will add a bit of interest and is perfect throw-on-and-go look.

Should the thought of a traditional puffer coat makes you not want to wear one, you can also trade it in for a puffer vest, which will allow you to display even more of your ensemble. It's the best in-between compromise and will still keep you warm.

With a Dress or Skirt

Just because it's puffer season doesn't mean that you have to give up wearing dresses and skirts. In fact, the proportions of a big coat paired with a tight, tiny mini creates an eye-catching contrast. The same can be said for a laid-back puffer with a billowing maxi, which is definitely a winter-friendly pairing. For extra warmth, style the look with knee-high boots and go with a shorter coat to highlight the skirt.

Make It Monochromatic

A fun and easy idea? Coordinating your puffer coat with the outfit you're wearing underneath. Whether vibrant or neutral, don't worry about making it perfect match — different shades within the same color family works, too.

Embrace Color

Wearing all black is an easy getting-ready trick, but if you're craving something a bit bolder, try a bright coat with a color-blocked hat.

Provide Balance

A big coat worn with other oversized pieces, such as a baggy pair of sweatpants, has the potential to feel a tad overwhelming, so work in a crop-top or a tight turtleneck to define your shape and balance out those proportions.


If you're concerned about your coat's bulky shape, adding some key accessories will help create focal points throughout your outfit. Keep the top unzipped to show off layered necklaces, or swing on an over-the-shoulder bag for extra oomph. Plus, you can't go wrong with a belt to cinch your waist.

Back to Basics

A simple black puffer is one that will never go out of style, and has the ability to stay in your rotation for years. Style your own version with an all-black outfit to create a sleek and classic look. Should you be craving a colorful pop, a printed scarf will do the trick.

Incorporate Texture

Teddy puffers are having a moment, so why not stick with a textured theme and style it with shiny, faux leather pants? Cozy and incredibly cute.

Coordinate Your Accessories and Shoes

If you don't feel like coordinating your puffer coat with your outfit or accessories, another way to pull a look together is by matching your accessories with your shoes. This season, platform boots are all the rage, so match a chunky pair with a headband, hat, or gloves for a streamlined winter look.

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