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Birthday - Kendall Jenner - Embed
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Birthdays can be tricky. You love them because you get presents. You hate them because the attention makes you feel awkward. Maybe I'm projecting ...

Either way: birthdays do tend to bring out a special version of yourself. Prep in advance of your party by taking cues from some of our favorite (and best-dressed) celebrities so that at the very least, you can feel great about your outfit. We scrolled through Instagram and found some of our favorite birthday looks from year's past to create a list of five must-haves for you birthday outfit.

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Here, your guide:

Rule Number 1: Be Yourself, Just Add Sparkles

Birthday - Kendall Jenner - Embed
Credit: SplashNews.com

Kendall Jenner did it right: there's no need to completely do away with your go-to look just because it's your birthday. You want to look like yourself, just a little bit better. Kendall reverted to her go-to jeans and super cropped crop top but instead of pairing the look with a sneaker or simple stiletto, went full disco with these $10,000 rhinestone-covered boots (which, by the way, she wore at a later date to a basketball game). You can buy a similar pair here if you don't have 10K laying around. By adding sparkle to an otherwise everyday look, she's still got her cool-girl edge without looking like she's trying too hard.

Rule Number 2: Don't Be Uncomfortable

Birthday - EmRata - Embed
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Yes. You want to look ah-may-zang. But not at the expense of your physical comfort. Come on, there's nothing worse than pulling up to your birthday party feeling like a trillion bucks and then getting the world's largest (and most noticeable) blister. There have never been more comfortable options when it comes to eveningwear, so you have no excuse to choose something that makes you itchy, scratchy, bloody, or bruised. Make like Emrata and try out a bodysuit with sneakers.

Rule Number 3: Try a New Beauty Trend

We're not saying brunettes should all the sudden show up platinum blonde to their bday party, but trying a new and out-there beauty trend is an easy (and frankly, affordable) way to give yourself a bit of je ne sais quoi for the evening. If you're someone that doesn't wear a lot of make up, simply trying out a fun colored eyeliner could do the trick. And this tip? It's ageless. For her 70th birthday, Maye Musk took eye makeup to another level.

Rule Number 4: Go Totally OTT with Jewelry

Diamonds or pearls? Gold or silver? For your birthday, don't think either or. Just add it all. Miley Cyrus proved "the more, the merrier" when it comes to accessorizing on your birthday by wearing pink earrings, multiple rings, and two chokers. All at the same time.

Rule Number 5: Wear ONE thing You'd Never Wear on a Normal Day

Is there a better poster child for birthday dressing than Rihanna? We think not. Rihanna always wears something that would be totally unacceptable to wear, had it not been her birthday. Be brave. Try something new. Channel Rihanna.