How to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

How to Clean Silver
Photo: Courtesy Sophie Buhai

Silver jewelry is having a shining moment in the accessories spotlight, with delicate gold pieces taking a backseat to bold architectural silver shapes. The effect? A refreshing hit of contemporary cool. The only downside to an upswing in wearing so much silver, though, is its inevitable loss of luster. All metals tarnish over time, but silver especially is quick to oxidize when it's exposed to air and moisture. When that happens, you can either take the piece to a jeweler for professional care, or, concoct a paste to clean silver jewelry from home:

1. Make a paste with a 1/4 cup of baking soda and two tablespoons of water.

2. Apply the paste with a damp sponge, gently rub.

3. Rinse under warm water.

4. Buff dry.

And voilà! Your silver all shiny, pristine, and new again. If you're in a pinch and your kitchen is void of baking soda, another way to MacGyver it is to dab whitening toothpaste (that's not a gel), instead. In both instances, always make sure to avoid contact with gemstones.

Pictured: Sophie Buhai earrings, $650;

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