We turned to four celebrity stylists to find out exactly how to pick out the right one.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Feb 04, 2019 @ 5:45 pm
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I get it: Shopping for a puffer coat can be intimidating. As a Floridian who now resides in NYC, I'll admit that it took me six years to finally purchase my first puffer coat. (It's this gorgeous baby, btw.) I mean, who wants to spend hundreds — sometimes thousands — of dollars on a big, ugly coat? Not I.

Luckily, we're currently in the era of the puffer. Looking like George Costanza in Gore-Tex is a huge trend. But still, how's a girl to know if she's wasting her money on a fad or if she's buying a great coat that she'll want to wear for years and years to come? In an effort to take the fear out of shopping for a puffer coat, I asked celebrity stylists for their tips and tricks for confidently selecting the right one.

Cher Coulter

"I really enjoy the brands that are actually functional — like North Face or Patagonia — rather than fashion-y brands," Coulter, who dresses the always-fly Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, exclusively tells InStyle.com. "If you do want to go all-out and get the giant sleeping-bag version of the puffer coat, then, please, be sure to belt it tight." Find two of Coulter's favorites below.

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Brit and Kara Smith of Elkin

Brit and Kara Smith of Elkin agree that warmth is a priority, but there are two specific characteristics that the styling duo, who has worked their magic on Emma Roberts and Rumer Willis, always look for. "First, a long, classic puffer coat," the tag team explains. "Burberry has a great one. It’s sophisticated and understated enough that you can play up your accessories. A clean, classic coat — plus colorful shoes, bag, or jewelry — equals a great look." These two are also into a design with a waist belt.

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"We love going for a bold print and therefore keeping your accessories simple and clean, as the coat is the main attraction," Brit and Kara add. "This leopard print Moncler jacket is a favorite, and Moncler has several cropped puffers with statement prints and colors. You don’t need to style your outfit much because the jacket does all the talking."

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Katie Keim

Katie Keim, who has dressed Victoria's Secret models like Rachel Hilbert and Brooke Perry, has two very simple tips. "Choose color over black." Keim shares. "The colored ones look so poppy and fun! I love black, but in a puffer it can sometimes look a bit 'Hefty bag.' For those worried about committing to a bright color, Keim suggests classic navy or green, as both are neutral and versatile. "I bought a bright green Sam puffer a few years ago and I got so many complements because it was such a happy color," Keim explains. "When I think about that coat, it makes me smile! It was so sporty and comfortable and wearable. There is nothing better than being warm and looking great."

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Her final tip echos the other's advice: "Choose one that fits slightly snug, since they look great fitted and they are so warm that you don’t really need to wear too many bulky layers under them."