The One Thing You Should Keep in Mind Before You Go Shopping

Photo: Paramount/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

In a perfect world, we'd have unlimited resources to build a fantastically extensive wardrobe that delivered inspiration on a daily basis. Unfortunately, finding ourselves stuck in a fashion rut occurs pretty much every few months, if not more frequently. But power stylist Kate Young (whose A-list clients include Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller, and Natalie Portman), has revealed the solution to rid us of this problem once and for all.

"The best thing to do if you're stuck in a style rut is to spend half a day going through your closet, declutter, get rid of clothes, and then go shopping after," she tells InStyle. "If you try on a dress you forgot you had, you'll realize a pair of ankle boots or a belt would make it look fresh, new, and exciting again."

Another suggestion? Tailoring clothes for a better fit or hemming jeans for a new length. The goal is to strategize with the clothes you own "instead of just randomly shopping, which results in buying things you don't really need," she continues. "The reality is that we all have a lot of stuff, and if you pay more attention, you can make more out of what you already have."

The takeaway here: Pencil in quality time with your closet before your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping spree.

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