How to Align Your Wardrobe With Your Aura to Radiate Good Vibes 24/7

This could be the mood-boosting trick you've been looking for.

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It's highly possible you've heard the expression "energy is contagious." Well, here's a bit of news for you: It's true. The aura is the energy that radiates and flows outside of your body. It dictates the moods and feelings that you have, and affects the way you vibe with others. It can also transcend from person to person, and help you overcome obstacles that stand in the way of overall greatness.

In terms of fashion, matching your clothes to your aura can help you get on the right track personally, making you feel better about yourself while helping others to feel more comfortable in your presence. The good news is, finding the perfect outfit that aligns with your aura isn't hard — it's actually very easy.

By following a few simple steps, you can pick the right color from your closet and level up your outfit in an effort for your clothes to be spiritually aligned with you.

How to Find Your Aura

Firstly, take a deep inhale and exhale. Ground yourself by planting your feet firmly on the floor. There are many different ways to see one's aura, but the easiest is to look in a mirror in a room that has bright lights. Then, close your eyes for a few seconds. Open your eyes slowly and stare at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. Look at the colors that pop around you.

If you still can't view colors through this technique, another way is to place your hands on a white colored surface or wall. Fix your eyes on your hands for a minute and spread your fingers apart from each other. What colors do you see when you softly gaze at your hand? You're now looking at your aura. Keep in mind that this may take a few tries. Patience and effort makes perfect.

The aura can also change color throughout the day, which is why it's best to journal your findings to help you find the most ideal outfit or color to wear with it.

The Aura Colors

Ahead, you'll find a list of the most seen aura colors and their meanings. It's also worth noting there are different variants of the colors that can be seen, and it's quite common to see more than one color. Later on, we'll explore what to wear should you have multiple colors in your orb.

  • Blue: Tranquility
  • Green: Abundance
  • Violet: Spiritual
  • Magenta: Unique
  • Lavender: Imaginative
  • Indigo: Intuitive
  • Turquoise: Protection
  • Silver: Glamour
  • Red: Passion
  • Pink: compassion
  • Yellow: Energy
  • Orange: Creativity
  • Gold: Prosperity
  • Brown: Conservative
  • Beige: Dependable
  • Gray: Security
  • Black: Mysterious
  • White: Innocence

Using these colors, decide what kind of energy you want to add and balance out. For example: Wearing lavender can go well with your orange aura because the imagination is key for creativity. Or, adding blue to your wardrobe if you have a yellow aura might help with relaxation.

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How to Interpret the Location of the Auric Colors

Having more than one aura color in your field is common. Therefore, it's important to understand the location of the colors in order to decide which type of energy you need to highlight.

The Right Side

This is how you were feeling before you looked at your aura. It's the recent past, and can explain why you're not in the mood to wear a pink sweater or slip into high heels. It represents the colors you're wanting to take out of your wardrobe and why you want to rock a different look.

The Left Side

The left side is the receptive energy, which is what you're wanting to pull in for the future. If you don't have any colors here, it means that you have a strong connection with the past and might want to wear a nostalgic outfit that takes you back to times when you were younger. It can also mean you have an affinity for vintage clothing as well.

Above the Head or Center

Colors that are above the head indicate your current feelings and auric field at this moment in time. Therefore, when picking out clothes that align with your aura, it's important to lean into this area. Matching colors here will be helpful in accentuating and highlighting your current vibe and mood.

If Your Aura Expands Inward

This represents a personal vibe or attitude that needs to be seen through your attire. It's important to find an outfit that you personally feel comfortable in to radiate goodness and positivity.

If Your Aura Expands Out

This dictates what you want to express and project to the world. If you're wanting to show off your glamorous side, then wear a silver slip dress. If you're yearning to attain prosperity, try a gold sweater. The colors in relationship to your aura will help you bring in the energy that you want, as well as accentuate your current vibe.

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