There are items made out of algae, too.

By Alexis Bennett
Apr 11, 2019 @ 5:15 pm
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H&M's Conscious Collection, which first launched in 2010, keeps getting better and better every year. The sustainable line has introduced H&M shoppers to clothes made out of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Now the brand is introducing three new eco-friendly materials: Pinatex, Bloom Foam, and Orange Fiber.

Piñatex is an alternative to leather made from the fibers of pineapple leaves. H&M utilized the thick material on leather jackets. Bloom Foam is a squishy, sponge-like material created from algae. You'll find it on the soles of the shoes in the H&M Conscious Collection. And then there's Orange Fiber, which is a silky material used on blouses that's created from citrus juice byproducts.

"We’ve worked with tencel, recycled polyester, and recycled silver on the jewelry before, but it’s always really exciting to work with new fabrics," Ella Soccorsi, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Designer, tells "Some of the fabrics we work on developing for years. And then we finally manage to get it just right for a collection. So these three new materials were perfect for our collection. It was like jackpot."

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In addition to eco-friendly fabrics, H&M also incorporated nature into the beautiful patterns. You'll find a combination of jacquard aloe plants, designed to look like leopard print, and a feather print that mimics florals. Even the jewelry was infused with earthy vibes. It resembles a collection of healing crystals, with multi-color stones wrapped in gold-tone wire.

"There’s so much magic in front of us on the planet: in plants, in stones, in the sky," Soccorsi explains. "And the world around us just inspired us. What we wanted is to create a collection that makes people feel happy, feel positive when they walk into the room and see it. It’s a healing collection in that sense because it brings joy.

The H&M Conscious Collection is a little bit more pricey than H&M's usual offerings, with prices starting at $25 and maxing out at $349. But the sustainable process makes it worth it.

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