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I've seen a lot of jeans that claim to work miracles on your bod. From leg lengthening silhouettes to thigh slimming shading. Very few have actually held up to their promises. But imagine, to my surprise, when Good American, a line co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, pretty much stuck to its word.

Going into the test, I was very excited to work with a brand that has expressed a strong body positivity message. All the styles it sells are available up to a size 24, and the company's website is plastered with models of all sizes. For the test, I decided to try one of the newer styles from the brand's recently-launched exposed zip collection. Read on to find out which features worked best for me and which ones didn't live up to the hype.

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First, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the exposed zipper. The zipper in this four-piece launch, which includes one jean style in three shades, as well as a mini skirt, offers "corset slimming elasticity." Personally, I'm not a huge fan, as I love the traditional flap closure. However, what I did find cool about this feature is that it alleviated bulk. Sometimes with more traditional closures, I find that this area can be a little troublesome when the button and flap are a little thicker. Another perk of the exposed zipper was that it helped when it came to tummy taming. It almost worked as a shaper would, comfortably sucking in my mid-section. So, I may just be on the lookout for this style in the future!

As far as thigh slimming goes, it's all due to the shading illusion. The mid-section of the thigh has a slightly lighter tone than the outer portion. It's effective, as far as the eye goes, but I didn't find that it physically slimmed the leg. Not really a biggie for me, as I care more about the appearance than the actual "slimming" effect.

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Now for the biggie—the butt lift. I'm very particular about pocket placement. I've found that the best jeans have the best pocket placements. These sit a little further out to the sides to help with the look of "lift." It is effective and the stretch in the denim does comfortably sit under your bum for a slight lift as you zip up. If you're looking for an entirely new backside, these are not the jeans. In fact, I'm not sure that any jeans can do that! But if you're looking for subtle shaping, that's both flattering and comfortable, these are for you.

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All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed these jeans. They were comfortable (the stretch gives them a second skin fit), kept their form through the day (the stretch also helps here, as well as it's great fit), and were very of-the-moment with a raw edged hem. As far as premium denim goes, these have definitely earned a place with the best.