The 11 Best Genderless Fashion Lines to Shop Right Now

Because fashion is about self-expression and clothing should be inclusive.

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The Best Genderless Fashion Lines to Shop Right Now
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Fashion is an avenue of self expression, but for those whose style identities fall somewhere in the in-between, not quite fitting into what society deems "masculine" or "feminine," opportunities to accurately express oneself through clothes are limited. This is, unfortunately, true despite the societal push towards gender-fluid acceptance. The reality is, a majority of the brands you see hanging in stores today are still categorizing their merchandise by two heteronormative genders, male and female. It forces non-binary individuals, or just those who choose not to conform, to either pick a side or get creative.

Here at InStyle, we understand sifting through racks of clothing that don't speak to who you are can be disheartening, so we scoured the Internet to find the best genderless fashion lines. These brands cater to those who feel most comfortable shopping for pieces without a specific gender label, giving you the all-inclusive shopping experience you deserve.


Let's set the record straight once and for all: Gender-neutral clothing doesn't have to translate to earth tones and shapeless silhouettes. Case in point: Nicopanda, the ready-to-wear brand with an inventory bursting with bold prints and loud colors. Founded by acclaimed fashion designer, Nicola Formichetti in 2015, Nicopanda is described as "edgy," "playful," "designed for all and available to all." The unisex streetwear bring vibrancy to androgynous wardrobes, with notable collaborations with brands like Amazon Fashion Europe, Nordstrom and Hanes, Lane Crawford, Hello Kitty, and more on its resume.

I and Me

Sustainability knows no gender, and neither does I and Me, an East London-based gender-neutral denim and lifestyle brand that delivers fashionably functional pieces to the androgynous community. The fabrics used in each I and Me collection are meticulously sourced from mills and manufacturers with eco-friendly values and rich heritages; you can find their stories here. For this brand, fabric and style is its driving force, not the gender division of clothing. That being said, you will notice separate sections for women and men on the website, but from what this writer can tell, the categorization is for sizing purposes only.


Telfar's motto is, "It's not for you — it's for everyone," which is an important message. Fashion is for everyone, and Liberian-American fashion designer, Telfar Clemens wants that to be heard loud and clear across the industry. His collections of ready-to-wear apparel, gorgeous handbags, and accessories are not organized by gender and are more about embracing the designer's signature, instantly-recognizable style. Every piece is for everyone, no matter how they identify.


RICH MNISI styles are another great option for androgynous shoppers craving color. The namesake South Africa-based brand is rooted in Mnisi's culture, art, and unique storytelling. The pieces are definitely splurge items, but in this instance, you're definitely getting what you pay for: wearable art.

Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel is a genderless fashion line that not only serves up unique styles, but styles that are created from unique materials. This is because fashion designer Daniel Silverstein is also a zero-waste lifestyle pioneer who collects consumer waste sourced from New York City's garment industry and other hard-to-recycle materials that would normally clog up landfills, and reuses them to manufacture attention-grabbing, gender-neutral clothing.


Gender fluidity is the driving force behind Wildfang. Its offerings include double-breasted blazers (with actual pockets, because a love of pockets is universal), overalls, coveralls, smart vests, graphic tees, and more, but you won't just fall in love with the brand's style. Its philanthropic work makes shopping the brand that much more satisfying, as Wildfang has given back over $500K to causes and organizations like Q Center (aka the largest LGBTQ+ community center in the Pacific Northwest) and the Tegan & Sara Foundation (an organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ women and girls) since its initial launch in 2012.

Riley Studio

Riley Studio is the brand for shopping high-quality, gender-neutral staples. Each collection is designed "for human kind," and offerings include everything from button downs to trousers, co-ords, loungewear, and everything in between. It offers elevated basics that are better quality (meaning they'll last longer) and better for the environment (made from recycled materials to reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint). What's more, Riley Studio not only believes in genderless fashion, they encourage a seasonless wardrobe with classic pieces and silhouettes you can where anytime of year.


For Gen-Z shoppers comes Collusion, a coming-of-age fashion line that offers genderless or "unisex" options, and places value individuality (whatever that means to you), animal rights, and sourcing materials from sustainable resources. In true Gen-Z fashion, the e-comm selection, available at ASOS, is riddled with vibrant color, fun prints, and pieces that nod to fashion statements of the '90s and early aughts.


To Entireworld founder Scott Sternberg, clothes are a global language, and while he hasn't described his brand to be a genderless fashion line, the majority of its offerings are pretty adrogynous. Think pinstriped popovers, cotton tees, matching shorts, and so on. Ergo, if you're looking to curate a basics unisex capsule collection, Entireworld is a solid place to start (and at affordable price points).

Human Nation

Human Nation is the brainchild of Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Christine Day, and lives under The House of LR&C. In addition to racial and size inclusivity, Human Nation also puts an emphasis on androgynous offerings, like T-shirts and hoodies, shorts and joggers, to make sure it caters to every and all customers. Plus, with every purchase, The House of LR&C donates 3% of proceeds to Why Not You, a nonprofit organization, also founded by Wilson and Ciara, that supports children in their formative years, helping them to fight poverty, get a good education, and stay healthy.


Just because the country is slowly but surely coming out of quarantine and getting back to (somewhat) normal, doesn't mean you have to give up your cozy tracksuits. For unisex loungewear options, look no further than beloved Pangaia, a materials science company that plants, protects, or restores one tree for every purchase made. And if you think its environmental good-doings are awesome, you'll love browsing the e-comm sites colorful genderless sweats and tees, because anyone and everyone can enjoy them.

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