Plus more affordable items from Union's fitness must-have list.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jan 02, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

Whenever I need a little workout inspiration, I can always count on Gabrielle Union's Instagram stories to offer up some much-needed, sweat-filled motivation. If you haven't seen her gym sessions, just know that Union goes hard. Heck, sometimes she outshines her retired NBA star husband Dwyane Wade.

Union has created a storefront on Amazon's website filled with her fitness must-haves — and, of course, she only uses the best of the best.

One of the highlights on Union's Amazon Sports storefront is an Ab Carver Pro Roller by Perfect Fitness ($32; It's a roller machine that's easy to use at home to help chisel abs in no time.


Union rounds out her list of fitness essentials with a few inspiring reads, like Eating Well to Win by her chef, Richard Ingraham; The Perfect Find by Tia Williams; and Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry.


"I like to work out for a lot of reasons — but mostly to maintain my peace," Union explains in an Instagram caption. "Fitness is more about my spirit and my soul than it is about the reps, sweat, or anything else."