I'm On Etsy All the Time, and These Are My 15 Favorite Vintage Shops

I'm sharing my secrets (and hoping you won't purchase my favorites before me).

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I’m On Etsy All the Time
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There is a short list of topics I can talk about at great length: My rescue dog, Poppy, any season of Love Island UK, and all the great vintage clothes I've managed to buy on Etsy. I would even argue that roughly half of my wardrobe is from that site, whether it's a pair of green pants I discovered during a late-night spiral, or my favorite plaid, mohair coat, which has been my go-to for the past three winters.

While the reward is worth it (see above), I do realize that Etsy can be pretty tricky to navigate, especially when you're looking for quality vintage finds. Though I do recommend typing specifics in the search bar, then filtering by "vintage," size, and even location, I've also put together a list of my favorite Etsy shops, alongside photos of my own finds, to make it easier for you.

And, yes, these are shops I've actually bought clothes from, or at the very least, have added to my "favorites" list, so that I can keep up with new arrivals and "proceed to checkout" at a later time.

Matching set purchased from Louella Basil.

Noteworthy Garments

What You'll Find: Jeans! This shop is pretty great for scooping up a sweet pair of vintage Levi's, or an unexpected alternative, like denim include stripes and eye-catching pockets. There's also a wide variety of old graphic tees and bold, printed dresses.

Shop now: Noteworthy Garments

Louella Basil

What You'll Find: The less-pricey, vintage alternative to the designer piece you're currently lusting after, whether you're into embroidered cardigans or animal print dresses. (This shop also has its own separate site with new arrivals).

Shop now: Louella Basil

Mirrorball Boutique

What You'll Find: Easy, breezy finds that feature billowing sleeves, fringe, and floral patterns. They also sell a bunch of fun accessories. This is where I picked up my favorite wide-brim, straw hat that I wore all summer long, and it's also where I found my throwback popcorn shirt.

Shop now: Mirrorball Boutique

Hat purchased from Mirrorball Boutique.

Persephone Vintage

What You'll Find: Clothes that look like they came from your favorite fashion blogger's closet. Some of these pieces are so dreamy, delicate, and modern, you'll end up thinking, "How and where did they find this?!" Just a warning, though — the prices aren't cheap (but worth it if you want something spectacular).

Shop now: Persephone Vintage

Minxouri Vintage

What You'll Find: A dress that will help you channel your favorite old Hollywood starlet. We're talking the '40s, '50s, and '60s designs you've always dreamed of wearing — and a few fancy nightgowns, too!

Shop now: Minxouri Vintage


What You'll Find: A vintage store experience, only digital. This shop is constantly adding new stuff, and if you dig — err, scroll — you're bound to find some serious gems.

Shop now: Shop Exile


What You'll Find: Skirts and sweaters that remind you of your favorite style icons from the '90s. This shop is another one that adds new stuff pretty frequently.


Ladybird Vintage LA

What You'll Find: If your personal aesthetic is more subtle and timeless than loud and trendy, this one's for you. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a repeat customer when it comes to khakis (I've purchased both pants and shorts), and have been eying pairs of neutral, vintage, designer heels — despite having no where to wear them.

Shop now: Ladybird Vintage LA

Khakis purchased from Ladybird Vintage LA.


What You'll Find: Vintage furniture and home decor that will make your home look just as cute as your closet. At the same time, this Brooklyn-based shop has plenty of vests, sets, and sweaters for you to choose from, too, and a few rare designer finds as well (think throwback Moschino).

Shop now: DeSonar

The Kissing Tree Vintage

What You'll Find: If part of you has always wanted to roam around your house in a luxurious, sheer robe, or you've thought of embracing your boho side with a '70s maxi dress, this is your chance. They even sell vintage lingerie, like satin teddy rompers, so you can be extra dramatic while chilling on the couch.

Shop now: The Kissing Tree

Good Luxe Vintage

What You'll Find: All things adorable. You'll come for the vintage polka-dot tops, selection of neck scarves, and feminine dresses, but you'll stay to scroll through the baby clothes, wedding dresses (!!!), and non-vintage, quirky hair clips and pins.

Shop now: Good Luxe Vintage

Retro Rhapsody

What You'll Find: Gorgeous details, such as statement-making textures and puff-sleeves, but the most irresistible items the oversized, gold-toned drop earrings and other attention-grabbing jewelry options. Try as you might, you won't be able to stop yourself from adding them to cart.

Shop now: Retro Rhapsody

Barbie Roadkill

What You'll Find: Pastels, sparkle, '80s influence — and that goes for clothes as well as decor. I've also scooped up mom jeans, pink structure pants, and a plaid midi skirt that have since become some of my most beloved, go-to pieces.

Shop now: Barbie Roadkill

Jeans purchased from Barbie Roadkill.

FYRE Vintage

What You'll Find: Non-boring basics and closet staples, including cropped sweaters, suits, and classic trousers. There are also a handful of "re-worked" pieces in the mix, meaning vintage items were transformed into something more modern (a longer-length cardigan is now a cropped, Katie-Holmes-like matching set).

Shop now: FYRE Vintage

Hooked On Honey

What You'll Find: Something truly outrageous! Think over-the-top, puff-sleeved, sequined, '80s pageant dresses (you'll definitely be the fun wedding guest), or a quirky, printed leather jacket you'll want to wear every day because it's so unique.

Shop now: Hooked On Honey

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