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Everlane Authentic Stretch Jeans Alexis Bennett
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It's hard for me to get excited when brands release new jeans. I've got wide hips and a smaller waist, which makes most styles awkwardly unflattering. Either they're so constricting that they give me a permanent wedgie or they're so stretchy that they look extremely cheap. But Everlane has come out with a new cute style that actually complements my curvy shape.

The magic is in the fabric. It's called Authentic Stretch ($68; everlane.com), though at first glance the jeans don't look very stretchy at all. (They've got that structured, vintage look.) But when I pulled them on, they magically slid over my thighs and hugged my waist. I know that I'll be wearing these over and over again, especially once the 90-degree weather in New York calms down.

My co-workers — who have completely different body types — are also obsessed. Read on for more InStyle editors' reviews of the jeans, available now in multiple colors on everlane.com.

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Rachel Otero, Associate Social Media Editor

Everlane Jeans - Embed
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"I’m not much of a denim person, but these jeans are so comfortable that I’ve been wearing them on repeat ever since I got them. The high-waist cut is especially flattering, and the black wash makes them wearable with anything."

Victoria Moorhouse, Digital Beauty Editor

Credit: Victoria Moorhouse

"I basically won't wear jeans unless they're high-rise, so I was excited to see Everlane's take on a high-rise skinny jean. The jeans hit right at my naval, which made them ideal for a half-tuck. I decided to size down because of the stretch material, so they were a little snug at first, but loosened up just slightly and became more comfortable after a few minutes of wear. I like that they fit tight to my calves. They'll definitely pair well with my over-the-knee boots when it gets a little cooler outside."

Ruthie Friedlander, Special Projects Director

Everlane Jeans - Embed
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"It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect pair of black jeans. They have to be tight but not leave unsightly marks on your body. They need to be a little scrunchy on the bottom (it gives that effortless feel), and most importantly, they need to be JET BLACK. These check all the boxes."