Emily Ratajkowski Is Really Loving Her Pregnancy Crop Tops

Yes, moms-to-be can dress sexy, too.

While the fashion world used to be filled with a bunch of bogus rules, telling women which pieces they can and cannot wear for various silly reasons, we're happy to confirm that most people seem to finally be letting that go. The new norm is wearing whatever makes you happy, so it's time to break out those stripes, slip into Ugg boots, style leggings as pants, and, if you're pregnant, work a crop top into your wardrobe like Emily Ratajkowski.

Emily Ratajkowski Can’t Stop Wearing Pregnancy Crop Tops
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Years after Kerry Washington wowed the crowd with a red carpet pregnancy crop top, the model, actress, and designer is bringing the style back in a big way. In fact, since announcing that she's expecting a baby, Ratajkowski has sort of made it her go-to look, and she's only embraced it even more as her belly grows. Whether she's styling a button-down to show off her bump or getting casual in a cropped tee, this mom-to-be is serving some serious — and sexy! — pregnancy outfit inspiration.

Take a look, ahead.

With Leggings and a Tee

Emily Ratajkowski Can’t Stop Wearing Pregnancy Crop Tops
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Many of Ratajkowski's crop tops are slightly shorter versions of your average top or tee, but even when she's going for a casual look, she makes sure she's showing off her stomach.

Swapping Out a Shirt For a Sports Bra

Emily Ratajkowski Can’t Stop Wearing Pregnancy Crop Tops
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We were used to seeing Ratajkowski wearing revealing outfits pre-pregnancy, and just because she's having a baby doesn't mean she should stop now. If she wants to wear a belly-baring workout look, she's going to do it — and, if you want to, you should, too!

Pulling the Button-Down Trick

Emily Ratajkowski Can’t Stop Wearing Pregnancy Crop Tops
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So many celebrities love turning their basics into something sexy, leaving the last few buttons of their collared shirt or cardigan undone. The model once again pulled this trick after announcing she was pregnant.

Getting Matchy-Matchy

The pregnancy crop top isn't the only thing that Ratajkowski is bringing back. She's all for '00s-inspired mesh clothing as well, which she designed and modeled for her brand, Inamorata.

Kerry Washington Pulled This Move Back in 2014


We'll never forget this iconic ensemble from the Screen Actors Guild Awards — and, perhaps, Ratajkowski didn't either. It's possible she's thought of Washington's pregnancy crop top when picking out some of her own outfits.

Emma Roberts Is Also On Board

Emma Robert's Maternity Crop Top
Sasha Samsonova for Cosmopolitan

Ratajkowski isn't the only one who enjoys showing off her baby bump. Emma Roberts, who is also pregnant, wore a revealing pink set on the cover of Cosmo. Now, we just have one question: Who's next?

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